Auto thefts on the rise in Brown Deer; police reveal what vehicles are a target

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Brown Deer Police Department

BROWN DEER — Brown Deer police are investigating a rash of car thefts that occurred on Friday, October 2nd.

Authorities say three vehicles were stolen and they know of at least three or four more attempted thefts that took place all in Brown Deer.

Police say the numbers are on the rise.

“They typically target Dodge vehicles and Chrysler vehicles, older models, vans and sedans — those are easier for them to steal. They are also going for vehicles that are already running,” said Luke Kuehne, Brown Deer Police Department.

Just last week, Brown Deer Police chased a stolen van into Glendale, but all of the suspects got away.

Brown Deer Police chase stolen van into Glendale

Brown Deer Police chase stolen van into Glendale

Officers say it was a similar situation, but it’s not clear of the two incidents are connected.

A 17-year-old boy was arrested on Friday night; police say he will likely be tried as an adult.


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