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“Had to go through metal detectors:” Pewaukee H.S. heightens security for homecoming festivities

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PEWAUKEE -- Pewaukee High School saw some extra security during the homecoming game. The football game was held Saturday afternoon, October 3rd because a threatening note found earlier in the week prompted officials to cancel classes and activities on Friday.

Pewaukee High School

Pewaukee High School

It was supposed to be a game played under the Friday night lights. But instead, students at Pewaukee High School are celebrating homecoming on Saturday afternoon.

"Things felt more serious coming to the game," said Colin Marks, Pewaukee High School senior.

Senior Colin Marks tries to keep his spirits high in the stands, but all around him there are signs things just aren't right.

"We've never had to go through metal detectors here in Pewaukee," said Marks.

Pewaukee High School

Pewaukee High School

While the game was rescheduled, school leaders were forced to pull the plug on Friday's pep rally.

"They practiced for weeks for it. Made up a routine for it," said Peg Dettlaff, parent of three Pewaukee students.

Pewaukee High School

Pewaukee High School

"We were all kind of disappointed. We were all looking forward to the pep assembly," said Marks.

Police are still trying to figure out who wrote the threatening letter that caused the homecoming halt.

"If anyone knows any information please let us know or the police," said Pewaukee School District Superintendent, JoAnn Sternke.

But all the precautions are also a little extra comfort after a turbulent week.

Pewaukee High School

Pewaukee High School

"It feels better that we know they're taking care of it," said Bri Dettlaff, Pewaukee High School senior.

"It was handled right, even though it was sad," said Peg Dettlaff.

The homecoming dance went off as planned Saturday night. But students had to enter through metal detectors. They'll encounter them again when classes resume on Monday, October 5th. The superintendent says the district has yet to determine if the metal detectors are needed beyond that.


  • grunt

    It’s amazing what havoc a kid who couldn’t get a date to homecoming created.
    How many notes & threats resulted in nothing happening?

  • molon labe

    This is a test a test as to observe reaction from the respondents:
    LIVE EXERCISE or LFX is any military OR IN THIS CASE CIVILIAN exercise in which a realistic scenario for the use of specific equipment is demonstrated. The MSM will cover this AS IF IT WAS REAL. This story is also used to test the public’s reaction to such a scenario. To test the Societal climate; (psychological climate, social context) is typically defined as the perceptions of a social environment that tend to be shared by a group of people. For what reason? To see how you will react!

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