Andrew Obregon a suspect in homicide, he “doesn’t want to go back to jail”

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KENOSHA COUNTY -- Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said in a news conference on Tuesday, October 6th that he is confident Andrew Obregon is a "suspect" in the homicide of 37-year-old Tywon Anderson.

Tywon Anderson

Tywon Anderson

Anderson was reported missing on September 19th. His body was found in a cornfield off Highway A in Kenosha County on September 26th.

"The initial family told us that one of the people they were looking for. Went out to the Obregon farm and said Tywon was supposed to be meeting Andy. That's how we tied Andy and Tywon to begin with," Sheriff Beth said.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sheriff Beth started his news conference with a timeline of events that began around September 21st -- when Anderson was first reported missing by his family. Since then, deputies have had multiple contacts with Obregon -- from reports of stolen vehicles and high-speed pursuits, to burglaries and armed robberies.

Obregon has been using cornfields as his mode of escape. Sheriff Beth said the corn is quite high in Kenosha County right now -- and has not been harvested. So the sheriff is asking farmers to keep their eyes open for things that look out of the ordinary. He says Obregon may be hiding somewhere in a field -- but they believe he is still in the area.

Andrew Obregon

Andrew Obregon

"Someone has told me he's had wigs on. Someone told me he shaved the scruffy beard on his face," said Beth. "We currently believe he has a Ford pickup truck. We believe at this point, it was hand-painted black."

Sheriff Beth said he has been thankful for help from the Kenosha and Racine County Sheriff's Departments as well as U.S. Marshals.

"With his sources for drugs drying up and sources for financing drying up, he will become more of a threat to community," said Beth on Obregon. "His plan at least from what it appears, is be in a shootout with law enforcement at the end."

For Sheriff Beth, this is a personal case -- and not only because Obregon is somewhere in his neighborhood.

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth

"I used to be the D.A.R.E. instructor," said Beth. "I ended up for one week picking him up at his home and taking him to school so he could get there on time. So I am familiar with Andrew Obregon and his family for many, many years."

Scene in Kenosha County where deceased man's body found

Scene in Kenosha County where Tywon Anderson's body found

Sheriff Beth told reporters he understands the community is very nervous about this situation. He said schools in the area are doing soft lockdowns during recess. But Beth also said there's no indication Obregon would do anything to harm kids at the schools. To give comfort to families, Sheriff Beth said a squad is being placed at the entrances to all schools at the beginning and end of the school day.

Beth said family members of Obregon have asked Obregon to give himself up. He says investigators are doing their best to bring this situation to a peaceful conclusion. But the sheriff also said, "Obregon doesn't want to go back to jail."

Andrew Obregon

Andrew Obregon


  • Vitto

    Shoot this snarling welfare drug addicted animal on site. We will all be better of without this scum animal wondering the earth preying on the innocent.

  • savana

    My friend had a vary valid point what if he has the white van parked in the woods somewhere and when he has to hide he goes to it and he could use it as a house since he does not have one. I just thought that was a pretty good point and it could help the police find him before someone else gets killed.

  • Steve

    He needs to be hugged, not shot! Tolerance people, Tolerance! If we stop chasing him, he will stop being a criminal and become a productive member of the community. I should know, I have a college education.

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