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“It’s a disease:” 800-pound man kicked out of the hospital after he ordered a pizza

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CRANSTON, Rhode Island — A Rhode Island man who weighs just under 800 pounds has been kicked out of the hospital…for ordering a pizza.

33-year-old Steven Assanti says his eating addiction is what caused him to end up in the trunk of his father’s SUV, with nowhere to go.

“It’s an addiction and I realize that. It’s a disease,” Assanti said.

For the past 80 days, Assanti was getting some help at Rhode Island Hospital — where he lost 20 pounds.

But after Assanti violated his care plan by ordering pizza, Assanti says hospital officials told him he could no longer stay there.

“I was supposed to stay there and lose all my weight and get down to 550, to get the gastric bypass. That was their plan,” Assanti said.

A spokesperson for Rhode Island Hopsital says they cannot speak about Assanti or any patient’s treatment.

“If he comes home and I do get him up the stairs some how, some way, he’s gonna go right back to his eating habits,” Steven Veillette, Assanti’s father said.

Veillette says taking his son home will be a death sentence — so the two men say they’ll continue to drive until they find a place that can help.

“I just don’t know where to turn to. I called everybody, everybody you can think of in the state of Rhode Island and nobody seems to be…can help me,”¬†Veillette said.

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  • .

    Gluttony is not a disease. Have some self control, you weigh as much as a cow, think about it. And maybe the dad should quit buying so much food for him. It seems like daddy doesn’t want to let go.

  • youfailgooddaysir

    He most likely would have been denied the gastric bypass anyways, since you have to pass a psychological evaluation prior to even getting it – the doctors want to make sure you’re both physically and emotionally ready for the change and able to handle the lifestyle change. He never would have passed it anyways, it’s difficult to get approved for one. I had a friend get denied for one, even tho she had already made necessary lifestyle changes, but her doctor didn’t see eye to eye on a few things (Including her Religion) and denied her from being able to get the bypass. That’s just how it is – doctors can deny you for any reason under the sun (even religion!) so there’s no way that guy would have been approved in the first place. Driving around trying to find a place isn’t probably going to help them at this point, since it’s obvious he doesn’t want to cooperate with the doctor’s orders.

  • dk

    who pays for his hospital bills the taxpayers ? i think i would like my tax dollars to go to something else besides i guy who thinks hes deserving he did this to him self yes its your fault your fat

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