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School district to pay $600,000 over death of teens who were hypnotized by principal

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SARASOTA, Florida — A school district in this Gulf Coast city has reached a settlement with the families of three students who died after being hypnotized by their principal.

Two of the students committed suicide and a third died in a car accident after hypnotizing himself.

Investigators say principal George Kenney performed hypnosis on at least 75 students to help them with stress and concentration problems.

Kenney resigned as principal in 2012 and served a year of probation for unlawful practice of hypnosis.

The school district has agreed to pay the families $200,000 each.

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  • Jane C.

    There’s obviously a LOT more to this story that the article is leaving out. This article only reenforces the stupid negitive stigma attached to hypnosis that it’s “mind control”. Hypnosis is not mind control. The article makes it sound like hypnosis is the cause of these people’s deaths, but all hypnotherapists know that this article is utter bullsht. Misleading and nonsense. Hypnosis is not something like what this article claims to be.

  • Marc Johnson

    This article is nonsense. I am hypnotized several times for stress reduction. I was aware what was going on during hypnosis. I know that you can not make someone suicide by hypnotizing him. Hypnosis can not make someone harm himself. You do not pass out when being hypnotised. Copmplately nonsense news. Phil Grabar Kenney ‘hypnotized’ literally hundreds of kids at NPHS. Of those who died, two already had depression – Dr. Kenney was trying to relieve some of their symptoms. Clearly the dude wasn’t a licensed psychologist or anything, but is trying to help a kid through a rough time really the worst thing? The fact that those two committed suicide was a product of their own mental illness. Other kids committed suicide at NPHS too, are we going to arbitrarily blame it on Dr. Kenney also?

  • Jason Sharp

    “Hypnosis” is pseudoscientific nonsense. You might as well blame these deaths on a voodoo curse or demonic possession. Someone needs to ACTUALLY investigate what caused these kids to die. The QB was coming back from “a painful dentist visit” when he crashed his car. Did he get any anasthetic at this visit? Not supposed to drive after that. Probably had something to do with the crash. Use your heads, people.

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