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Sheriff David Beth on manhunt for Andrew Obregon: “His regard for his own life doesn’t exist”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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KENOSHA COUNTY -- Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth met with the media on Wednesday evening, October 7th near a cornfield in Brighton Township to provide updates on the manhunt for Andrew Obregon.

Sheriff Beth said that Andrew Obregon has not yet been located by authorities.

"We are frustrated as can be to have not caught him. We learn of sightings almost every day -- but by the time we get there, he has left the area. He's driving through these fields and tractor paths. He knows where he's going, and we don't," Sheriff Beth said.

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Obregon is a suspect in the homicide of Tywon Anderson, whose body was found in a field of corn off Highway A in Kenosha County on September 26th. Anderson had been reported missing just one week earlier.

Andrew Obregon

Andrew Obregon

Sheriff Beth indicated on Tuesday, October 6th that Obregon was indeed a "suspect" (vs. a "person of interest) in Anderson's death. But Obregon has been rather elusive.

Over the past few days, Obregon has had allegedly committed multiple crimes in the Kenosha County area. Officials say he's stolen cars, burglarized and robbed businesses and led police on high-speed pursuits.

Tywon Anderson

Tywon Anderson

The latest pursuit of Obregon took place late on Tuesday. Officials suspect it was Obregon in a vehicle that reached speeds of more than 100 miles-per-hour.

Sheriff Beth said the pursuit began near Highway 11 in Racine -- after the Racine County Sheriff's Office took a call regarding a suspicious vehicle in an industrial lot in the area. Responding deputies spotted Obregon getting into a vehicle that he may have been working on -- a Dodge Ram pickup truck.

The chase ended up in Kenosha -- with the vehicle going into a farm field near Highway 75 and 18th Street.

"Once again -- near Andrew Obregon's home in the Town of Brighton. As soon as the vehicle took off and started entering fields like he's been doing, we were pretty sure we knew who we were looking for," Sheriff Beth said.

Sheriff Beth said deputies lost sight of the vehicle in the farm field.

Helicopter utilized in search for Andrew Obregon

Helicopter utilized in search for Andrew Obregon

"Andrew Obregon has helped on the farm before. He knows the paths, and the tractor roads in the area very, very well," Sheriff Beth said.

Officials were then working to set up a perimeter -- and the Air One helicopter along with several law enforcement officials were called in for support.

"What Andy Obregon usually does is he goes through cornfields, and you can't see him unless you're on top of him or right behind him. So we seem to lose him for periods of time. But he keeps showing up. He's here. He's going to keep showing up," Sheriff Beth said.

Search for Andrew Obregon Tuesday night, October 6th

Search for Andrew Obregon Tuesday night, October 6th

We're told deputies heard shots fired on Tuesday night near 18th and Highway X. Sheriff Beth said on Wednesday those shots were fired by a resident -- who was apparently attempting to 'scare' Obregon off of his property.

"People living here heard the pursuit on the scanner, and what they actually did was went out and shot into the air -- in case Obregon was close and could hear it to 'scare him off.' That's how nervous our people who live here are of Andrew Obregon. People in the community are extremely nervous. My own family is nervous," Sheriff Beth said.

David Allen had a front-row seat when the pursuit occurred Tuesday night.

"It was one (vehicle) after another, after another," Allen said.

Allen says the road involved is usually barely traveled -- so he knew something was up.

Sheriff Beth said on Tuesday night, Obregon turned down a dirt road that "he has driven hundreds of times before," and then turned his lights off -- disappearing behind buildings, eventually exiting onto a road and heading out of the area.

Several schools have been put on "semi lockdown," as the search for Obregon continues. That includes Brighton Elementary School -- where Obregon went to school.

That school is located just a mile-and-a-half from where Obregon was last seen on Tuesday night.

Parents of children who attend Brighton Elementary School received messages from Dr. Penny Boileau, the superintendent of the Brighton School District:

"Dear Parents:

We will be in semi-lock down again (Wednesday).  We will keep students indoors and follow the same procedures for dismissal as we did yesterday.

We will be in constant communication with police officers.

Thank you,

Dr. Penny Boileau"

Search for Andrew Obregon Friday, October 2nd in Kenosha County

Search for Andrew Obregon Friday, October 2nd in Kenosha County

"We've told principals and administrators there are no indications there is any more risk to them today, or yesterday, or tomorrow than the day before," Sheriff Beth said.

Sheriff Beth indicated they had beefed up patrols in Brighton all day Wednesday.

Additionally, the sheriff said since the pursuit on Tuesday night, officials have received 100-200 more calls to come check on suspicious things -- but again, so far, Obregon remains at large.

"He has no regard for life. We knew that before. He likes the fact that he's getting into these chases. He's able to go into these fields in stolen cars in most cases, and get away from these officers and hide. He knows these farm fields and back roads really, really well. The difficulty (in capturing Andrew Obregon) is these corn fields. They are over the tops of cars. He will drive down gravel and dirt roads that are not muddy with no recent rain -- and tractor trails that are solid. He always goes and returns to farms and properties he knows. He's turning down these roads. We use extreme caution. For one deputy sheriff or one officer to turn down these roads, all by himself, we would wait. We would stand by, wait, circle the area, and try to locate him," Sheriff Beth said.

The search for Andrew Obregon began on Friday night, October 2nd. Authorities said Obregon stole a black 1988 Ford Mustang -- and a pursuit ensued along the border of Kenosha and Racine County. Obregon's mother was arrested for obstructing the investigation and aiding a felon.

On Friday night, authorities were describing Obregon as a "person of interest" in Anderson's death.

Then, law enforcement officials were busy throughout the weekend.

Investigators with the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department say two crimes which happened overnight from Saturday, October 3rd into Sunday, October 4th are the latest crimes linked to 32-year-old Obregon.

Country Side Market Kenosha County

Country Side Market Kenosha County

Officials say Kenosha County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a “smash and grab” type burglary at the Country Side Market gas station and convenience store located at County Highway C and US 45 in Kenosha County.

A short time later, an armed robbery took place at the Speedway gas station and convenience store along State Highway 50 and Interstate 94.

Kenosha County Sheriff’s deputies became involved in another vehicle pursuit with Obregon as he fled the area of the second scene.  He was operating a stolen gold-colored Ford SUV.  This vehicle eventually crashed.

Cargo-style van believed stolen by Andrew Obregon

Cargo-style van believed stolen by Andrew Obregon

A short time later, an area resident reported that a new white colored Ford Transit cargo van had been stolen from a property near the area where the SUV crashed.  This van had permanent (unknown) Illinois plates attached and large (4’ x 2’) green-colored lettering down the side reading “Sports Interiors.”

Sheriff Beth on Monday re-allocated several deputies, placed extra uniformed patrols in high visibility positions around the schools in Bristol, Paris and Brighton Townships, and increased the number of investigative personnel actively following the search for Obregon -- after the weekend crime spree.

Despite all of these incidents, and the massive manhunt, Obregon is still on the run.

Sheriff Beth on Wednesday evening provided details on vehicles believed to have been used by Obregon since Friday, including:

  • White cargo van
  • White Dodge pickup truck
  • Ford Lariat pickup truck (red or maroon in color) -- Sheriff Beth believes this vehicle has been hand-painted black, indicating this was a "poor paint job, so it should stick out like a sore thumb"
  • Ford Mustang utilized last Friday, October 2nd -- Sheriff Beth says this vehicle was driven through Union Grove at a high-rate of speed 15 minutes before the homecoming parade

"This isn't new for him. He's been chased on motorcycles, cars. His regard for his own life doesn't exist. We are concerned about what he could do, mostly in a car. We're very much afraid that in a chase, he's not going to care," Sheriff Beth said.

Officials say Obregon has spent time behind bars before and is addicted to crack.

"He's got to have connections around here," Sheriff Beth said.

Sheriff Beth said a van Obregon found had $400 in it, and his mother gave him $200 per night for two nights.

"I think he is using his money to go buy his crack, and stealing cars to keep his habit going. I have a hard time believing that anyone would be sheltering him – especially since we arrested his own mother and are holding her in jail," Sheriff Beth said.

Sheriff Beth has indicated Obregon wants to "go out in a blaze of glory."

Anyone with information about Obregon’s whereabouts is urged to call the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department at 262-605-5100. Those wishing to remain anonymous may call the Kenosha Area Crime Stoppers at 262-656-7333 or toll free at 800-807-8477

Information leading to arrest and conviction may result in a reward up to $1,000.

Meanwhile, a account has been set up to raise money for funeral arrangements for Tywon Anderson. CLICK HERE to learn more, or to make a donation.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.

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  • atacs

    This is becoming rediculous! I think Kenosha sheriff’s better hire the A team to get this little dwarf their chasing. It should be obvious that all that fancy training in police science isn’t working out too well for you. This guy is out running the cops in an old oil burning Ford pickup of all things. Police pursuit vehicles should be built for Police work not converted soccer mom S.U.V with some red and blue lights on the roofs. This is gonna go down In history as the 2015 smokey and the bandit. Good thing he doesn’t have a black Trans am they’d never catch em! Maybe Burford T Justice could give you some insight on how to catch this weasel.

    • JesseMPyle

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    Hope this POS gets shot by a farmer for running down his crops. He has already cost the tax payers way too much money.

  • Christi B.

    Where are drones with night vision? They should be able to track him down. Need some trappers to come throw a couple rope traps out there. Find him swinging from a tree in the light of day..

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