Avoid penalties and fees: Tax return extension deadline is October 15th

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MILWAUKEE — Taxpayers who have an extension must file their individual income tax return with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue by Thursday, October 15 to avoid penalties and fees.

Taxpayers who filed an extension with the IRS automatically receive a Wisconsin extension. When filing, you must attach a copy of the IRS extension to your Wisconsin tax return. Please keep a copy of the IRS extension application, Form 4868, for your records.

Important things to know:

  • Payment for taxes owed is also due on October 15. While filing an extension allows taxpayers more time to file their return, per state law the Department must charge 1% interest per month from the original due date if taxes are owed.
  • If you are unable to pay in full on October 15, you may request a payment plan
  • Make sure all of your state tax returns are filed before requesting a payment plan

Visit www.revenue.wi.gov/individuals for tools and resources related to filing returns, making payments, and requesting payment plans.

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