Clear the clutter: Determining the ‘magic number’ of anything you need in life

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MILWAUKEE -- Do you have a cabinet filled with coffee cups? Or maybe it's a drawer filled with hundreds of pens? We all have too much of something, but hang on to it for fear of needing it. But, clutter coach Kathi Miller joins Real Milwaukee to talk about determining the magic number.

In Kathi's classes, she teaches people to decide their "magic number" of every category of stuff they own. If you're at or above your magic number, you don't need to shop for more.

For example, how many mugs are in use in your family before they're washed and put back? That's your magic number -- the ones you use not the ones that overflow the kitchen cupboard. When you pare down to your magic number it can be transformative.  The magic number principle can be applied to everything people own -- including cosmetics, office supplies, household items, clothes, tools, craft supplies and more.

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