“My car just won’t stop!” Dispatcher credited with helping frantic, speeding teen with stuck gas pedal

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GREEN BAY — A police dispatcher is credited with helping a frantic teen driver who was speeding down a Green Bay street with a stuck gas pedal.

Sixteen-year-old Olivia Crooks heard a crack after she drove out of the Southwest High School parking lot Tuesday. Her vehicle’s accelerator was stuck and her brakes wouldn’t stop the car. Olivia thought the only way she could stop is if she crashed the vehicle. She quickly punched 911 and was connected with dispatcher Julia Robak.

WLUK-TV says Olivia headed for a cul-de-sac where she thought she could drive around in circles until she ran out of gas. Robak credits the teen with taking action in a critical situation.

Robak is trained to handle such situations and had Olivia put the car in neutral. Police arrived and turned off the car.


  • A yooper

    God help this world if that girl is allowed to reproduce. Take it out of gear & turn it off. How did she ever get a licence?

    • Tim C.

      Dude. She’s 16. Chill. Breathe. You don’t need to know how to change the oil on a car to get a license.

  • A yooper

    Tim C. She could be in the other lane facing you texting on how to make her car stop. Behind the wheel is serious business. just saying…..

    • Jenna Lowe

      Yeah, except she wasn’t texting. She called 911 and then went to a cul de sac so she wouldn’t be in traffic and hurt anyone. I think she was pretty smart, under the circumstances, and being so young.

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