Sheriff’s Office: Correctional officer attacked & injured by 30-year-old inmate at County Jail

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County Sheriff’s officials say a correctional officer had to receive medical treatment after he was attacked by an inmate inside the Milwaukee County Jail.

It happened on Sunday, October 4th around 6:45 a.m.

Jarriel Cotton

Jarriel Cotton

Sheriff’s officials say the correctional officer was conducting a wristband inspection when the inmate charged across the red line, knocked over a computer monitor, and hurled a water bottle at the correctional officer’s head.

The officer was able to decentralize the inmate to the floor, but 30-year-old Jarriel Cotton continued to strike the officer, scratch his face and neck, and spit at him.

The struggle continued under the day room tables, Sheriff’s officials say, and several inmates assisted the officer by dragging them out from under the tables and helping the officer in holding down Cotton’s legs and arms until responding officers arrived.

Cotton is in custody for second degree recklessly endangering safety and arson of building.

The incident has been referred to the MCSO Criminal Investigation Division for additional felony charges of battery by prisoner, which carries a maximum penalty of six years in prison.

The correctional officer received treatment for lacerations to his face and neck, and abrasions and bruising to his elbow and knee.


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    Get an aids test too. He probably liked being held down by the other inmates. He looks like he’s master of the glory hole.


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  • Fred

    I sure hope our liberal justice system doesn’t cut this guy loose on the public anytime soon. If he isn’t afraid to go after the corrections officers, just think what he he could do out on the streets (an probably has done already). I say stuff him in solitary and lose the key.
    (Note to others who post: to get your point across to other readers you have to be able to communicate in writing with a minimum ability of a second grade education.)

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