Susan Obregon, mother of missing homicide suspect, charged with aiding a felon

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KENOSHA COUNTY –A homicide suspect in Kenosha County may be missing, but his mother is now behind bars. Friday, October 9th prosecutors formally charged 60-year-old Susan Obregon, mother of Andrew Obregon, with aiding a felon.

Susan Obregon

Susan Obregon

Friday, October 2nd Kenosha County authorities were involved in a high-speed pursuit with Andrew Obregon — a homicide suspect in the death of Tywon Anderson. Anderson was reported missing on September 19th. His body was found in a cornfield off Highway A in Kenosha County on September 26th.

According to a criminal complaint, after authorities were not able to catch Andrew, they headed to the Obregon residence located in Bristol.

According to the complaint, Susan Obregon, mother of Andrew Obregon, initially told officials she had not spoke to Andrew in weeks and that she “did not know where he is.”

Authorities then asked Susan if she had spoke to him on the phone recently, to which she answered it had “been a few days.” After the deputy advised Susan that he did not believe her, Susan admitted she lied and told the deputy she was in contact with Andrew several times.

Susan said Andrew always calls her from an anonymous line and she “never knows where he is.” She also admitted she knew Andrew was wanted on several felony warrants and that she “had been encouraging him to turn himself in.”

Andrew Obregon

Andrew Obregon

Once authorities took Susan Obregon into custody, she revealed more details about her son.

According to the complaint, Susan told officials earlier in the day, Andrew called asking for money. Susan told him that she did not have money and he stated to her it was “do or die.”

After admitting to speaking to her son on the phone, according to the complaint, Susan admitted she had met up with Andrew multiples times to give him money.

In the complaint, Susan Obregon said she met up with her son on September 30th, and again on October 1st — both times she provided him with $100 cash. The meetings took place at the Old Country Store located at 107 200th Avenue in the Town of Paris.

Susan told officials her reasoning for why she did not report this to police was because “he is her son.”

Susan Obregon now faces two separate counts: harboring or aiding a felon and obstructing an officer.


  • Honky

    Cops don’t know how to do there job right. I think we should start charging law enforcement officials with the same charges,the longer they are on the run.

  • Wise Owl

    Andrew, if you turn yourself in, it’s possible that the police will drop or reduce your mom’s charges or sentence.


    I thought the inner city was bad. This is something you see on cops in some white trash place like Florida or Fresno. Sounds like they spent their whole lives saving for a Disney vacation, came back and realized that life is not worth it…lol.

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