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Behind the scenes at Contact 6: Saving viewers more than $120,000 this year

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MILWAUKEE -- When you have a problem with a company -- Contact 6 is here for you.

Here's a look behind the scenes at how the Contact 6 team is saving you money.

It starts when you have a problem you can't resolve on your own.

web form

Fill out a complaint at

You go online to and file a formal complaint against the company.

Val starts working on the cases that viewers submit online right away.

So far this year, Contact 6 has worked on 277 cases.

Contact 6 then sends your complaint, with a cover letter from Contact 6, asking the company to respond in two weeks.

Contact 6 wants to get the company's side of the story before deciding if a complaint will air on TV.

If that happens -- producer John Parnon is the one you will talk to -- but just because you don't see a story on TV, doesn't mean Contact 6 isn't still getting cash back for viewers.

kat and john

Reporter Katrina Cravy with producer John Parnon

An example is Carol Johnston, she paid $100 to have a home inspection that she didn't end up needing.

Johnston called Contact 6 to say thanks!

"I got a call yesterday from the building inspector wanting my address to give me my money back, so I so appreciate you," Johnston said. "I can't tell you it's just been ridiculous what I've had to go through over there to get my crummy little $100 back."

Sometimes it's not even cash back that Contact 6 can help with.

Some viewers could argue it's worth even more than money.


Victor needed his sleep mask replaced.

Like one man who desperately needed his sleep mask replaced.

"I got some really good news, it's here," Victor said. "I'm finally gonna get a good night's sleep."

Some people are amazed at just how fast Contact 6 gets results.

One woman called to say thanks after she had problems with her windows for almost a year, until Contact 6 got involved.


Karen spent almost a year dealing with her windows, until Contact 6 got involved.

"I also appreciate you getting back so quickly within 12 hours," Karen said. "I was just amazed that somebody got back to me as fast as they did. Again thank you very much Katrina."

So far this year: the Contact 6 cash back total is  more than $120,000!


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