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Milwaukee Bucks Marcus Landry playing right where he wants to be; “I just thank God for this opportunity”

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MILWAUKEE -- The saying goes, "home is where the heart is." That, of course, can have different meanings for different people. But for one of the Milwaukee Bucks, its meaning is simple.

So many players say it's a dream just to play in the NBA. And while that may be true, for Marcus Landry, it's a little more true this year for one big reason, he's in his hometown.

Marcus Landry

Marcus Landry

"If I could put it in words, I would. But I really can't put it in words," said Marcus Landry, Milwaukee Bucks forward.

Full of smiles, but lacking the words initially, Landry is right where he wants to be.

Marcus Landry

Marcus Landry

"It's a very emotional moment and I just thank God for this opportunity," said Landry.

After spending most of the last five seasons in the d-league or in Europe, that opportunity is trying to return to the NBA and play for Jason Kidd, as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks.

"I think you talk about being hungry. Understanding nothing's guaranteed. And no matter what age, you can always fulfill that dream with hard work and that's what he's doing right now," said Milwaukee Bucks Head Coach, Jason Kidd.

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd

"The game is different. But you know it's all quite the same as far as character goes and leadership goes. You've got to have guys like that around," said Landry.

That is a role that the Bucks could use as they are one of the youngest teams in the NBA coming into the 2015-2016 season.

"I'm not that old. But, I have been around. I consider myself as being a mature guy. So, I mean it is a little awkward. You know, some of these guys are younger than me and have more NBA experience. But, I have some NBA experience and experience overseas," said Landry.

What makes this shot at a return to the NBA so special is he's doing it in the city he grew up in as he shined on the court at Milwaukee Vincent High School.

"I remember telling my dad, like man I want to play for the Bucks when I grow up. As I got older I never thought it would happen. But, here I am and such a time this is, it's like the perfect timing. You know, a new arena, hometown kid, the first time in history. So, it's just an unbelievable moment you know," said Landry.

And that emotion isn't lost on the guys around him, especially rookie Rashad Vaughn.

Rashad Vaughn

Rashad Vaughn

"That's definitely something everyone wants to do. It's just a dream to be able to play for your hometown team that you grew up. You know he carries a lot of pride with that and has a lot of pride just wearing the Bucks on his jersey," said Rashad Vaughn, Milwaukee Bucks guard.

"Well I think for him, he has home court advantage I think to be able to go back where you played with your home team, so I think again this is a great story not just for the Milwaukee Bucks but for Marcus. Hopefully things go well and he's here for the long haul," said Kidd.

"To be able to do what I've done, to play for UW-Madison and now I have the opportunity to play for the Bucks, I mean I think there's a guy for the Packers right now that has done that. And for me to do that on the basketball end it would be unbelievable," said Landry.

When the final roster is announced, hopefully for Marcus, he's on there and playing for the team he's always wanted to play for.

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