Co. Exec. Abele: “I welcome State Senator Larson’s decision to run for county executive”

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Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele on Monday, October 12th released a statement regarding State Senator Chris Larson’s announcement of candidacy for County Executive.

“I welcome State Senator Larson’s decision to run for County Executive.”

“I’m a firm believer more democracy and people engaging in our government is a good thing. I look forward to the added opportunity to talk with voters about how we’re turning the corner in Milwaukee County and getting our fiscal house in order after years of uncertainty and mismanagement prior to my taking office.”

“The budget I have just given to my partners, the County Board, reflects how in five years we have gone from questions about the County’s existence to being able to craft a fiscally responsible budget that creates economic opportunity, expands services, and rewards the hard work of our employees without raising taxes. Looking to the future I am more confident than ever our budgets will continue these investments and address some of the most difficult issues in our community.”



  • Opinion8d

    While I don’t agree with Abele on everything, I think he has be decent for Milwaukee County – or at least not as bad as it could have been. Someone like Larson is a career politician who will simply pander to the tax and spend crowd. Abele is a straight shooter worked hard to protect the taxpayers -often going against the county board.

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