Interesting robots, odd tech from CEATEC Japan 2015

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JAPAN -- CEATEC is Japan’s largest electronics trade show. It’s held each year just outside Tokyo and is usually full of all of the interesting, odd sorts of gadgets you’d expect from Japan. This year’s show is actually a bit smaller than in years past since some big companies like Sony and Toyota decided to skip it. But that has opened up the show floor to many smaller companies displaying all kinds of unusual items.

Some of the top things I saw? A ping pong playing robot from a company named Omron. Usually they make assembly line robots, this guy was really meant to show off just how smart a robot can be when dealing with a human. Then there was an odd little robot named RoBoHon from Sharp. This little guy has a personality and doubles as a smartphone.  A “clothes folding” appliance gathered a lot of attention, but the company wasn’t actually showing off the device, just a promo video that said it could fold your laundry for you.

Here are some of my photos from CEATEC 2015.

Here are 10 cool robots I spotted at this year’s show.