Olive Garden apologizes to police officer after hostess asked him to leave

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - All Michael Holsworth wanted to do on Sunday was enjoy a nice birthday lunch with his family, but a hostess at Olive Garden wouldn't even let him wait in the restaurant.

The Kansas City police officer was dressed in full uniform when he was refused service from the Olive Garden on 40 Highway and Noland Road for carrying his service weapon, WDAF-TV reported.

The employee allegedly asked Holsworth to leave the restaurant. Believing it was a joke, he asked the hostess if she was serious. Her simple reply was: "Yes, please leave."

Holsworth took to Facebook to share his story because he 'did not want other officers to be subjected to the same embarrassing situation." His post went viral on Sunday and has been shared more than 9,000 times.

The news sparked outrage on Olive Garden's Facebook and Twitter pages and the company quickly responded saying that Olive Garden loves serving law enforcement and the incident was a misunderstanding.


Rich Jeffers, a spokesperson for Olive Garden, said this type of of treatment is "highly inconsistent" with the chain's business values. He also reported that the company's president, Dave George, apologized to Holsworth and said police officers are always welcome inside their restaurants.


    • Proudteacher

      Wow, as the proud daughter of a Milwaukee police officer (who by the way are also unionized) and a public servant teacher, I am highly offend by the stereotyping you just posted. You just exhibited the same type of small minded thinking involved in asking the police officer to leave the restaurant.

    • PamelaWSim

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  • Jeff Walsh

    The reply from Olive Garden needs to include a statement that the hostess involved (or their manager(s), if they were directed to act like they did) is no longer an employee. Anything less than that is unacceptable.

  • Jim

    No misunderstanding, the hostess and /or managers are either anti gun, anti-cop or both. At the very least the hostess should be let go. Haven’t gone to Olive Garden in years and this won’t bring to their doors anytime soon

  • chinaric

    so is olive garden anti gun for all people or just the cops there are no signs on there doors saying no firearms I go to the by us here in Wisconsin open carry all the time with no problems

  • Matt

    Is it possible that this particular restaurant had a posted “No Weapons or Firearms allow on site” sign? If would make sense why the hostess would have asked the police officer to leave, she would just have been trying to follow that particular policy. Not saying that the officer wasn’t treated respectfully or disrespectfully, just a thought.

    • TheDailyPainter

      It doesn’t matter Matt if there is a sign posted. A police officer, in uniform will always be within the rules to enter the restaurant with his weapon on his side. The hostess should be canned immediately.

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