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Richard Gere poses as homeless man, goes completely unnoticed

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NEW YORK — Popular actor Richard Gere went undercover as a homeless man in New York City, and he wrote about his experience on Facebook.

His post has gone viral with more than 1 million likes and a half-million shares in just four days.

Gere shared a photo of himself in disguise on Facebook. In the caption Gere wrote:

“When I went undercover in New York City as a homeless man, no one noticed me. I felt what it was like to be a homeless man. People would just past by me and look at me in disgrace. Only one lady was kind enough to give me some food. It was an experience I’ll never forget. So many times we forget how blessed we are. We should not take that for granted. And if we can help someone in need, we should. That’s why after I was done, I walked around and gave food and $100 to every homeless person I saw. They cried and were so grateful. Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Gere, the 1999 People magazine “Sexiest Man Alive,” has spent a lot of time learning what it’s like to be homeless for his latest film “Time Out Of Mind.”

The film had a limited release in September.


  • Fred

    SICKO: When I give money to the homeless I don’t care what they spend it on or else i wouldn’t give them money. There have been times when I gave them food and no cash. You give because you want to. There should be no strings attached.

  • ThatGuy

    FRED: Tell that to our government who illegally takes money out of our paychecks to support individuals who can’t support themselves…freedom should allow me to choose what parties I get to allocate my donations to in order to help people out. Socialism lives strong here, wake up America. Let’s make the right laws so there are less homeless and persons who are unemployable in our community. Mandatory abortions for all on government assistance if they get pregnant, I think yes! As a taxpayer and a Catholic that is something I would pay for. If your freedoms affect mine then those are called entitlements and I aim to shoot down them all in the next five years and watch Natural Selection become revived. Join the movement.

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