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UW police urge lawmakers not to allow weapons in buildings

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MADISON — Police who protect the University of Wisconsin’s flagship campus in Madison are urging state lawmakers not to allow concealed weapons to be carried into campus buildings.

UW-Madison Police spokesman Marc Lovicott issued a statement Tuesday coming out against the bill circulated Monday by Republican lawmakers.

Under current law, license holders can carry guns on the grounds of public colleges and universities but they are barred in campus buildings.

Lovicott says the campus would not be safer if firearms were allowed in the buildings. He says, “Allowing concealed weapons inside a building like Camp Randall Stadium, filled with 80,000 people, creates a major security issue.”

Gov. Scott Walker sent signals Tuesday he supports the measure, saying the real threat is not people with permits to legally carry concealed weapons.


  • Fred

    Great insight Scotty: “The real threat is not law abiding citizens”..well no kidding! Law abiding citizens should have the right to defend themselves from the people “who aren’t supposed to have guns”. It obvious that no matter how many laws you make the criminals will always have guns – why you ask – because they’re criminals walking the street and not in a cage where they’re supposed to be.

    • ThatGuy

      Cage? These inbred’s don’t deserve to live on my hard work. We will change this. We will bring back natural selection. We will take out those who are unfit to survive amongst us all in society. Give it time, they will dwindle. Laws will change and those who receive government assistance will not be allowed to have children until they can sufficiently prove that they are no longer a burden to society. Stop the socialistic ways and bring me my freedom back.

  • ThatGuy

    I used to carry my pistol to every class at UWM, I see no harm in this. After the VT incident amongst numerous others I felt safer with my weapon on me at all times as I was just a sitting duck vulnerable to an attack and to sit and wait for campus PD that would’ve done what, call the real cops…Please my life is worth more and if someone on campus is committing a heinous act and I break the law by carrying my weapon in buildings where I am not supposed to but ultimately kill the perpetrator before he can inflict more death then I would say there is nothing wrong with that. Remember death is inevitable but control what you can control, the government and lawmakers can’t control the smart.

  • educated one

    why…because CCW commit so much crime???? Go home school yourself and post a Gun Free Zone sign in your personal front yard!

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