Latest: Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office seeks witnesses in fatal motorcycle crash

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Wreckage from fatal motorcycle crash

Wreckage from fatal motorcycle crash

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office is seeking witnesses who may have seen a crash on northbound I-894 that ended up with a motorcyclist’s death late on Monday, October 12th.

Sheriff’s deputies┬áresponded to calls of a downed motorcycle on northbound I-894 near Lincoln Avenue shortly after 9 p.m. Monday. The operator, 56-year-old Richard Holtz of Milwaukee, suffered severe head trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Holtz’s 57-year-old female passenger was transported to Froedtert emergency room with non-life-threatening injuries to her neck and back. She does not remember how the crash occurred.

Damage to the motorcycle, a 1998 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, is consistent with a front end crash with another vehicle or object.

If you have information about this crash, you’re urged to call the county communications center at 414-278-4788.


  • Mike

    Really???? Did they have helmets on??? That was a stupid comment!! Someone died and you ask if they had a helmet on. There is no state law for helmets in Wisconsin! Most of the time a helmet not gonna save you with a collision like that anyway!!

    • Jeff

      Really Mike? Helmets don’t help with severe head trauma? You must be one of the idiots that doesn’t wear one….

    • Biillly

      No it isn’t Rick. As a paramedic who deals directly with patients involved in accidents like this, not wearing one is selfish and heartless.

      Why? Because you leave everyone else to care for you and your family after you are either dead, or a vegetable. It needs to be made law to wear them.

  • Kaela

    Rude much? Regardless someone lost their loved one. Fyi seat belts don’t always save lives. It does not give all the details. If it was a collision with a big vehicle…like a semi. I highly doubt a helmet would have done anything. My neighbor got decapitated by a semi…helmet did nothing to stop it.( Which he was wearing one, I never saw him leave his garage on his bike without it on)

    • Biillly

      Oh, so we should just make seatbelt so optional? Listen genius, seat belts save lives, and prevent severe injury every single day. Blaming the seatbelt for not saving your life is wrong. It did its job. So will the car when you crash it. So long as it’s worn properly, your body and its physiology then are what fails you.

      So do helmets. They are designed to lessen and prevent injury…. But if you drive into the back of a semi at 70… There isn’t much that’s going to save you.

      But if you come off your bike, and you are wearing all the appropriate protective apparel that you should be, you are more than likely going to be fine… And if you are injured, those injuries will be significantly less severe than not wearing anything.

      But, you keep arguing that you don’t need anything to save you, I, and others will thank you for your organ donation.

  • Mark N

    I think all car and truck drivers should have to wear helmets, because far more 4 wheelers have head injuries then motorcyclists in accidents.

  • Don Amundson

    when i lived in Wi i rode two times to Madison to protest helmet laws, and we won!! today i’m living in Az and ride ov to Nevade every day (no helmet law) and i’m retired and 86 yrs old and i won’t go to the store 6 blks a
    way without my brain bucket on! I trust me but not these nutty car/truck drivers. Seems @ my age the only thing on my body that stIll works is my brain… so i take special care of it . “Sticks and stones may break my by bones but my brains may never heal”.

  • Avoid Head Ons

    If you drive like an idiot and don’t wear your freakin’ helmet? What did you think you would get? You run into ship and hurt yourself.

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