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Proposed bill would allow concealed guns in public university and college buildings

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MILWAUKEE -- Should concealed guns be allowed inside public university and college buildings? A pair of Wisconsin lawmakers thinks so -- and their new bill is already drawing strong criticism and support.

Throughout the University of Wisconsin System, you will find signs banning firearms in all campus buildings. The proposed bill would change that.

UW-Milwaukee's student body president has written a letter to lawmakers asking they reject the bill. Mike Sportiello argues it could lead to more violence, accidental shootings and suicides.

"You go to class to learn about things like chemistry and art and I think by knowing that there are weapons all around you, it's a little bit disconcerting and hard to concentrate on class," said Sportiello.

One of the bill's Republican authors calls it a "common sense solution" to violent crime. He said in a statement, "allowing our public campuses to ban concealed weapons in buildings puts our students at greater risk of becoming victims of crime."

"We certainly support it, I mean right now you can carry on the grounds of a campus but you can't carry in the buildings which is pretty useless if you're coming from off-campus housing," said Nik Clark, president of Wisconsin Carry.

Clark said had someone besides the shooter had a gun during the October shooting at an Oregon community college, the outcome may have been different.

"The best person who is going to be able to respond quickly and save lives is the person being attacked," said Clark.

A group fo UW System chancellors, including the chancellor of UW-Milwaukee, has released a statement that says the following:

"We have significant concerns and questions with this proposal and cannot currently support it."

The UW-Madison Police Department agrees saying, "We urge legislators not to change the existing law."

UW-Milwaukee has heard that safety concerns for its students in particular are among the reasons for this bill. A spokesman tells FOX6 News, they believe the campus and surrounding neighborhood are actually safer than they have ever been before.


  • andy g

    How do you stop a man with a gun? Oh, oh, I know,I know, by having equal or greater fire power. Boy that was a easy one.
    Concealed carry, It is a very cost effective way to stop and or curb crime.

    • Fred

      The Libs will tell you that guns are the problem. We need more laws to keep criminals from having guns – just like the strict laws we have regarding the sale and use of drugs, the laws againts drunk driving etc. If you haven’t noticed these laws are quite effective!

      • educated one

        I guess Wisconsin residences prefer to have a target rich colleges. This is where all the Mass Killings have happened. Personally, I would rather keep them limited to IL, NY and DC where their fearless leaders want to keep them Gun Free and unable to protect themselves. Time to speak up Wisconsin!

  • educated one

    “You go to class to learn about things like chemistry and art and I think by knowing that there are weapons all around you, it’s a little bit disconcerting and hard to concentrate on class,” said Sportiello.

    Obviously he thinks its better to be dead than armed and have a chance….
    Besides IF this passes where will all the Mass Killers go???

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