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Latest: Andrew Obregon booked in Lake County Jail, awaits extradition

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LAKE COUNTY, Illinois -- The Kenosha County homicide suspect who eluded capture for nearly two weeks is jailed in Illinois and awaiting extradition proceedings.

Andrew Obregon

Andrew Obregon

Wednesday afternoon, Andrew Obregon was scheduled twice to appear in Lake County court, but courthouse staff says those appearances are delayed until Thursday, as prosecutors continue preparing their case.

A spokesperson for the Lake County Sheriff's Department shared new information regarding Obregon's arrest near Zion, Illinois -- including the fact that the foot pursuit was almost one mile long and Obregon was shot by law enforcement prior to his capture. The spokesperson will not disclose where he was shot, though his mugshot shows a strap, perhaps from a sling on Obregon's left arm.

Whether Obregon was armed when police caught up to him is not being released, nor is there any indication from police that the suspect, described by the Kenosha County Sheriff as a "crackhead," was under the influence of any drugs or intoxicants.

Authorities say Obregon is a suspect in the death of 37-year-old Tywon Anderson and is wanted for several robberies and auto thefts.

Obregon did appear in court for a bond hearing, but no bond was set and he remains in Lake County lockup.

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  • Wilson

    Thank goodness he fled into Illinois where the competent Lake County sheriff’s deputies began chasing Obregon after he was seen driving in Zion, Illinois. They were able to actually catch him unlike the inept Racine and Kenosha County Deputies.

  • A yooper

    Ditto on That. If I were the Sheriff down there I would have been embarrassed to do a news conference. A worthless drug addict hiding in a cornfield?? Good thing that Jay Leno is no longer on tonight show. Barney Fife & Company surely would have been in his monologue embarrassing WI. .

  • monkeybrainstewtartar

    Boom. Told ya all word was he split to Zion. Idiot should have put real distance when he had the chance.

  • Oreo cookie

    They say it was really the severe toenail fungus that prevented him from running again. They say he had severely Infected toenails and it was hard to even put pressure on his toes. Plus it sounds like the km may have bit his papa toe and punctured the toenail fungus blister.

    • atacs

      Oreo cookie you must be some kind of pervert talking about a felons toenails. Really? Normal people don’t talk about other people’s toenails. It is generally considered people’s junk.

  • Olgamsmith

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