Paul Ryan under the pressure to run for House speaker; “He’s got a tough decision to make”

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MILWAUKEE -- Pressure is growing stronger as Paul Ryan remains at home in Janesville. Some Republicans want him to run for House speaker -- others say run away.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

Ryan officially still does not want the job and may not make his decision this week. But the final decision is taking longer than some observers thought it would.

The white smoke has not emerged from Paul Ryan's home in Janesville -- just the Halloween decor.

Inside, Ryan is taking calls. Not everyone says Ryan should run for speaker.

"I'm concerned for him and I shared that with him. I'm concerned with him taking on a fool's mission," said Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore.

Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore

Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore

Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore says for about 40 House Republicans in the Freedom Caucus, Ryan isn't conservative enough.

"So it's not a smooth road for him, despite all the hopeful, optimistic news you hear," said Moore.

But many Republicans say Ryan is their best hope. He's getting pressured -- Senator Ron Johnson says because he's a natural leader.

"Paul doesn't need any advice from me. I'd certainly love to see him be speaker of the House. But I also want to make sure he has the time with his kids and family as well," said Johnson.

Senator Ron Johnson

Senator Ron Johnson

Ryan has repeatedly said no because of his family and the travel demands on the job. If he does become one of the most powerful men in the country, Moore says it would be neither help nor hurt Wisconsin.

"The thing that is hurting Wisconsin more than anything is the lack of governing, the lack of compromise in the House of Representatives -- no matter who the speaker is," said Moore.

Johnson says Ryan could be the right one for that job.

"Universally respected, he'd make a great speaker of the House, but he's got a tough decision to make," said Johnson.

The official word from Ryan's spokesman: "Before you ask, nothing has changed and I don't anticipate any news this week."

If Ryan does take it, at age 45, he'd be the youngest speaker since James Blaine in 1869.


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