Scott Walker’s presidential campaign, bloated with staff salaries, paid his sons $1,500 a month

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MILWAUKEE – Gov. Scott Walker’s failed presidential campaign paid Walker's two sons $1,500 a month during their father's short time in the race, according to a required report filed with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday.

Walker's campaign reported raising $7.4 million but spent almost as much during the 71 days he was in the race, one of the shortest presidential campaigns in modern history.

Spending, especially salaries on a staff that ballooned to 90 people, doomed the Walker campaign. The filing shows that several top staffers, including Walker's campaign manager, a spokeswoman, and operations director, had more than $200,000 a year salaries.

The governor's two college-age sons, Matt and Alex, were also on the campaign payroll and made a combined $9,562. A Walker spokesman told the Associated Press that they had taken the semester off from college but wouldn't say what they did for the campaign.

The campaign reported having about $985,000 on hand Sept. 30, compared with $161,000 in debts. Walker's campaign still had a $10,471 bill from the Waukesha County Expo Center, where the governor kicked off his campaign in mid-July.

To see the full Walker campaign report, CLICK HERE.

The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the campaign's finances, said Walker's team actually had far more debt that it had pushed into the fourth quarter.

The debt total doesn't include unreleased costs to the State of Wisconsin for the security detail Walker used during the campaign. Walker has pledged to repay what he owes to the state.

Walker, with his campaign quickly running out of money, dropped out of the race Sept. 21.

Walker's third-quarter fundraising haul was better than rivals Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Rand Paul. Yet Walker’s former campaign manager, Rick Wiley, has said fundraising had slowed to a trickle in the final weeks of the campaign as Walker stumbled through two debates and made a series of missteps.

Wiley would've made a $211,000 salary if the campaign had lasted a full year, according to Thursday's filing. Walker's communications director and operations director both had more than $200,000 salaries.

"We raised a lot of resources, not as much as other candidates," Walker said earlier this week, ahead of Thursday's filing. He declined to discuss what the numbers would show.

Democrat Hillary Clinton led the way in the third quarter with $28 million raised, to rival Bernie Sanders’ $26 million.

On the Republican side, Ben Carson’s campaign said it had raised $20 million in the quarter, while Jeb Bush brought in more than $13 million.


    • Worker

      Hillary bought her a posh condo costing $13,000,000.Thats 13 million for the mps crowd. That’s like giving her daughter $1500/mo for 722 YEARS. Where is THAT story Fox6?

      • Violet

        Hillary Clinton never used campaign finances to buy her daughter a $13 million condo. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t find a single source saying that Hillary bought her daughter a $13 million condo at all (apparently Chelsea Clinton recently bought herself a $10 million apartment, but again this money did not come from campaign finances). Not to say I’m a huge fan of Hillary, but this is a false equivalency and non sequitur. Rich people are allowed to spend money on their kids. Rich people are NOT allowed to spend campaign finances on their kids for questionably existent work.

    • Clyde


      You idiot Walker supporters just turn your head when it comes to all the corruption, money-blowing and idiocy from his failed campaign. What idiots you people are.

    • Liberalsaredumb

      No kidding right? The liberals at FOX6 always LOVE to run slanted stories like this and never give more than one-side of the equation. That’s why I stopped watching that liberal TRASH station. It’s been proven time and time again they have sub-standard reporting and have lied about various topics.

  • buck

    youyourself said his sons took off of school to work on campaign , and got paid for it , what is wrong with that?

  • JK

    Really? Do you have any idea how much work is involved campaigning? Even if they helped there Dad only 40 hours a week, which seems extremely low, that would be around $9/hour. How about a real story!

  • Opinion8d

    I can’t agree more with all the comments (those that were posted at one time before being flagged -that questioned the bias of the story. Being paid $1,500 a month sounds kind of low. I would have thought Fox6 would have extrapolated it out to a headline of ‘Walker son’s on pace to be paid millions by campaign’ -with the fine print of ‘if campaign lasted xx years and they lived to be xxx yrs old. Sorry, that’s harsh, I doubt they would have had fine print.

  • Reasonless

    If you want to report on a real scandal, perhaps you should tell us what you get paid each month for such terrible journalism.

  • dighard

    Who frinking cares, it was campaign money. I care about tax money spent stupidly.
    Y is my tax money going for cell phones for Obama’s kids?????.
    Ask that question…


    There is a lot of crying going on in here! What’s the excuse for the rest of the Country not backing this jerk. Republicans and all. At least the conservatives in other states could see this guy is a loser. He quit to help the republican party?!?! Are you serious? He quit because of mismanagement of campaign funds and once again. Bad leadership skills. I’m not a liberal but you guys need to stop treating this guy likehe is the next messiah. Try again!

  • YO adrian

    All the anti act 10 peeps are still smoldering with their protest signs in their pits even though it saved millions of dollars for the school districts and kept the liberal left union from robbing dues from all and contributing only to the democratic party to further their regime. They took time off to learn about campaigning and helping their dad. Anyone dad would do the same. To suggest that their more to it is obscene. This story has been rated false.

  • Truth Hertz

    Losers support losers. Just admit to it, you loser supporters are mad because national consensus brought you back to reality. The candidate that made you feel smart really was just equally dumb. This proves Wisconsin is full of dumb colorless people who only know to pick an equally dumb candidate. At least he broke the shortest campaign in modern history record. Put that up there with your participation ribbons and leave trophy collections to winners.

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