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Milwaukee man charged for allegedly shooting his friend in the back

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Sir D Leblanc

Sir D Leblanc

MILWAUKEE — 24-year-old Sir D Leblanc of Milwaukee has been charged in connection with a fatal shooting that occurred outside a tavern back in April. Leblanc faces one count of first degree reckless homicide (as party to a crime)  after he allegedly shot his friend, Jeremy Green, in the back.

Police say Jeremy Green was found lying in a parking lot near 52nd and Hampton on April 5th. The investigation shows that Green was shot outside a tavern near 52nd and Hampton and then dragged from the front area of the tavern to the location where he was found.

According to the criminal complaint, Green was involved in a shootout and altercation outside the tavern with a man named Aaron Harmon. Both men were shot and killed during the altercation. Police say Sir D Leblanc was firing toward Aaron Harmon, when he accidentally shot Jeremy Green in the back.

According to the complaint, security footage from the scene shows “Jeremy Green leaving the establishment and engaging in a bump followed by a verbal altercation with Aaron Harmon. Complainant states that Jeremy Green can be seen engaging in a verbal altercation, leaving the area, going to his vehicle, and then coming back to engage in further altercation. Complainant states that the defendant, based on his clothing and pants and following him on video from when he left the bar, is seen distinctly waiting outside the establishment while this altercation is occurring. A fist fight or altercation ensues between members of the defendant’s group and Aaron Harmon’s group  — at which point Jeremy Green can be seen approaching the group and firing a firearm with his left hand.”

The complaint filed against Leblanc says that review of security footage shows Leblanc “removing a firearm from his hooded sweatshirt pocket, extending his right arm and firing at the group that was returning fire on Mr. Green. The video shows the defendant firing several shots — including the one that corresponds to Jeremy Green reacting as though shot in the back and collapsing — where he is then later dragged from the scene and dies. Complainant states that based upon this review, he believes the defendant fired the shot, striking his own friend in the back during this shootout and melee.”

If convicted, Leblanc could face up to 65 years in prison.


  • YO adrian

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