More potential victims of Jermarro Dantzler reach out to police, feel “fearful”

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BROWN DEER -- More potential victims are coming forward, according to police, saying they too were sexually assaulted by Jermarro Danztler. This, a day after law enforcement made a public plea for victims to come forward -- and after Dantzler appeared in court on sexual assault charges Thursday, October 15th.

Jermarro Dantzler

Jermarro Dantzler

Brown Deer police say they have received some calls from potential victims directly. They say others have called the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. However, they say they're surprised there haven't been more.

"When there's a situation that there may be other victims, that there may be other charges, I don't think it's appropriate for me to set bail as a result of possibilities," said the court commissioner.

With that, the court commissioner set Dantzler's bail at $5,000 cash -- an amount he immediately paid.

"If you've been victimized in any regard and you know that that person is out free, I'm sure they do feel fearful," said Lt. Lisa Kumbier of the Brown Deer Police Department.

Brown Deer police say it may be one of the reasons their phones have been relatively quiet when it comes to this case.

"Initially, when the story broke a few days ago through social media, there were a lot of people posting information, tips, etc.  And obviously that's somewhat anonymous and you really can't follow-up on that. So we, we're hoping more people would utilize the hotline and maybe they still will," said Lt. Kumbier.

Ultimately, they hope to strengthen the case and help any potential victims out there get the help they need. From the calls they have been receiving already, officials know they have their work cut out for them.

Lt. Lisa Kumbier of the Brown Deer Police Department

Lt. Lisa Kumbier of the Brown Deer Police Department

"One person that has been reaching out is from out-of-state. So again, don't know the time frame of where this all occurred and where these people may have moved to get away from the area to start over. It may be a little troubling for them to see this pop up again," said Kumbier.

Milwaukee police say no additional victims have come forward to them.

Potential victims can call the hotline at 1-800-THE-LOST. They ask that you mention the Brown Deer Police Department to ensure that the information ends up in the right hands. Or you can call Brown Deer police at 414-371-2900 -- or the sensitive crimes unit at the Milwaukee Police Department, 414-933-4444.

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