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Mother won’t stop looking for answers in son’s 2014 homicide case; “His character was assassinated”

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee mother just celebrated the anniversary of her son's death. For the past year, she's not only been trying to find the person who murdered her son, but also clearing his name.

Itavian Belcher

Itavian Belcher

"As his mother I deserve some type of answers," said Tiffany Belcher, victim's mother.

It's been an agonizing year for Tiffany Belcher.

"It was heartbreaking," said Tiffany.

Tiffany's 22-year-old son, Itavian Belcher, was gunned down near 95th and Brown Deer Road in October of 2014. Since then, she's been on a mission to figure out what happened.

"I started researching myself," said Tiffany.

Itavian Belcher is seen on surveillance video collapsing inside a gas station and looking for help after being shot.

Itavian Belcher inside gas station

Itavian Belcher inside gas station

Itavian Belcher

Itavian Belcher

Initially, police said he was the suspect in a crime where a 30-year-old woman was shot. Neighbors then pointed to him as the gunman.

Police say he was shot during another robbery attempt a short time later.

"His character was assassinated," said a friend of Itavians.

But the victim's family claims there are discrepancies.

According to the medical examiner's report, Itavian was actually at a residence on 95th Street, when a suspect fired a handgun at him and a second victim. Itavian then exited the building and ran.

"He knew the individuals at that house. He knew them," said Tiffany.

And those who knew him say he was not a criminal.

"He was a good person. He was a good young man. I hope the killer is found and brought to justice for what he did to my grandson," said Inez.

Flyers are posted all throughout the city. The community has come together and raised $20,000 for a reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of Itavian Belcher's killer.

If you know anything you are urged to come forward.


  • Alice

    This story is a one sided piece of garbage. Itavian Belcher claimed and was claimed by the Wild Hunnits. His own girlfriend at thr time of.his death said that she had urged him to give up “the streets”. As much as this family wants to pretend that Prospect (his street name) wasn’t a criminal, the evidence shows the truth. Fox6, please stop writing stories without researching. Itavian Belcher shot at a woman as she ran towards her home to escape him. Her home, where her 2 children were, had bullet holes in it. Most of her neighborhood heard thr shots and took cover. He terrorized her, her children and her neighborhood. His family would like us to pretend that didn’t happen. But it did.

  • Alice

    Nichole, this story was written by js, not your friend or family member. The story is one sided because his victims are not given a voice. Im sorry that your response to this situation is to provide excuses for Itavian’s behavior instead of acknowledging the threat that he became to our community. Im.sorry that you are minimizing his gang affiliations. I’m sorry that, rather than intervening when it was clear that he was taking a path that made him a criminal threat to others, you and the Belcher family Did not intervene and stop him. Im sorry that none of you called the police to report the known criminal behavior of the “friends” who were dragging him further and further into street life. I’m sorry you keep justifying his crimes. It would be far more beneficial to the youth of our community to hear the truth, how easily someone with supportive family and opportunities can be led astray, and the consequences for.that decision; than to hear excuses and justification. If just one child hears this family and assumes that they can behave as Itavian did and still be “good” within our community, that is on your heart and hands.

    • Morgan

      Alice Really, You justifying his murder due to your opinion of him being a “gang member”. If it was true no one have the right to take another mans life. It sounds as if you have personal ties to the case, or you know Itavian personally. Which one is it? His family never stated what happened that night. His mother stated “something wasn’t all adding up”. Get your story straight. “OH I FORGROT YOU WAS WATCHING FROM YOUR BEDROOM WINDOW AFTER YOU GOT OUT THE SHOWER” They reported what the police stated in the MEDICAL EXAMINER REPORT, and I know for a fact the report do not lie! What evidence do you have? Other than looking out your window and watching your family shoot that young man in the back. Covering up criminal behavior is just as bad as the behavior you accuse Itavian of displaying. Since you know more about the case then the police, detective, and DA. Do this family a favor tell what you saw your cousins do, and receive that $20,000 reward, and get yourself out the MEADOWS.

    • Alice

      To Morgan: Reading comprehension is an important skill. You are incorrect that I have justified his death. Such a death is a horrible thing for any person, good or bad. My comments have been about his life, his behavior and his impact on our community. This article’s headline says that Itavian’s character has been assassinated, that he was a “good boy”. The truth is that he was affiliated with a gang, connected to and getting more involved in the streets. The truth is that, shortly before his death he fired a gun at a fleeing woman in a botched armed robbery. The truth is that his bullets perpetrated the house where her children were. This truth is well known and reported. Now please stop suggesting that I know the people who killed your friend or family member. Unlike this family, when someone I know is doing any type of harm to my community, I turn their sorry ash in immediately. I don’t play about protecting my community. Our community doesn’t have time to blur the lines of morality just because it involves someone we care about. The battle for our community cannot be lost because of our allegiance to one or two wrong individuals.

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