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Get your home working for winter at “maximum efficiency” with these need-to-knows

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MILWAUKEE -- We can feel it in the air but we don't want to feel it in our pockets. As the weather changes, it's a good reminder to prepare your home for the upcoming colder months because the warm air sneaking out could cause a bevy of headaches.

Winterize your home

Winterize your home

As the leaves fall and begin to rustle, the wind picks up a bit and seasons start to change -- Deb Dahl immediately noticed things around her house that needed improvement.

"The first thing that was really obvious was this patio door, it didn't latch properly, it didn't lock and there was clearly air coming through," said Deb.

"That was priority number one, so we put a new Marvin Infinity fiberglass patio door," said Lance Dahl, Callen Construction.

Lance Dahl, the exterior sales professional with Callen Construction, surveyed the home and made several recommendations that were beneficial. He says this time of year, it's important to give your home a once-over.

Winterize your home

Winterize your home

"The first thing we check are your entry doors, patio doors and windows -- that's where you're losing most of your energy. The attic insulation where heat rises likes to go out, we check that," said Lance.

Not tending to some issues could be problematic.

"We use the humidity gauge because with high humidity in the home, when it gets cold we get a lot of moisture buildup all over the windows which a lot of people have and that can lead to mold growth which is problematic for people with asthma," said Lance.

Winterize your home

Winterize your home

Making a few repairs is an investment, but can be an energy saver and pay off in the long run.

"You want to look at the best way to spend your dollar so you get that maximum efficiency over time," said Lance.

Dahl says after assessing your home, don't get overwhelmed with the work that may need to be done. Everything doesn't have to get replaced immediately -- just prioritize the job.


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