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Man backs pickup truck into porch, hits and traps another man underneath

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SOUTH MILWAUKEE — A large pickup truck backs into a porch and pins a man underneath near N. Chicago and Carrington Avenue in South Milwaukee.

The incident happened on Sunday, October 18th when two men were attempting to move a heavy radiator off the front porch of the home using a pickup truck.

Authorities say the truck abruptly backed onto the porch due to the driver having trouble braking or accelerating. The truck hit one of the men, causing him to be trapped underneath the vehicle.

The Milwaukee Fire Department responded to the scene and stabilized the truck while simultaneously extricating the man from underneath.

South Milwaukee truck into porch courtesy: Mary Johnson

South Milwaukee truck into porch courtesy: Mary Johnson

Officials say the man was transported to Froedtert Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.