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Student-athlete accused of sex assault: Victim’s mother unhappy with how daughter was treated

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SHOREWOOD -- FOX6 News has learned a Shorewood High School student-athlete is accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. The details of the alleged crime are troubling -- and the victim's mother tells FOX6 News what happened afterwards is even more disturbing.

Last Thursday, October 15th, what was a typical day at Shorewood High School became anything but for a 14-year-old freshman and her mother.

Shorewood High School

Shorewood High School

"I waited for my daughter to get off of her bus at her normal time," the girl's mother, who asked that her identity be protected, told FOX6 News.

This mother says her daughter never came home -- so she went to the school. There, she found her daughter with Milwaukee police detectives and school administrators. The girl was being questioned about a sexual assault.

"They did all this without trying to reach me. They paraded her through the main door of the school in front of all her peers and they didn't protect her privacy at all. They didn't listen to her requests at all. She made several requests to call me. They didn't let her do that," the girl's mother said.

The mother says her daughter skipped out with a 17-year-old boy to get fast food, but he drove past a Wendy's restaurant down Holton, where he pulled his car behind an apartment building and allegedly sexually assaulted the girl -- pinning her down as she pleaded with him to stop.

Officials with the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office confirm the 17-year-old boy was arrested and booked for second degree sexual assault of a child. He was released on a signature bond until a charging hearing.

Shorewood High School

Shorewood High School

The girl's mother tells FOX6 News the boy got to have his parents present during questioning -- but her daughter didn't.

"She's asking to talk to her mother. This wasn't a situation where they have to determine things. Now she's traumatized. She doesn't feel safe around authority figures. No one listened to what she wanted," the girl's mother said.

The victim's mother says there's a charging hearing coming soon.

Shorewood High School's principal says school officials abided by the mandatory reporting policy required by state law -- and police were called.

A state officials says mandatory reporting laws don't indicate whether a parent should be notified in a case like this.

Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on this developing story.

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  • Fred

    I thought it was law that a parent or lawyer appointed by the parent be present when a minor is questioned. I’d be beyond livid if this was my daughter!

  • ldyastrid

    There’s NO excuse that mom wasn’t called – especially when daughter wasn’t on the bus after school! SOMEONE should have handed her a cell phone to call her mom if the office wasn’t compassionate enough to do that – why is that not a procedure? If my child gets hurt at school, they’d BETTER call me! I would have been in a panic if my kid didn’t get off the bus after school! GOOD GRIEF!

  • Uncle Tom

    I bet she was a Chapter 220 student that was bused in. When I went to Shorewood High School you couldn’t do anything to the bused in African Americas because they would turn it into a racial issue. 30 years later we still have the same racial problems because they are never addressed.

  • smh

    “They paraded her through the main door of the school in front of all her peers and they didn’t protect her privacy at all.”
    Did she not remember her daughter skipped school?

  • esther warkov

    Students and families need resources at SSAIS.org nonprofit because schools are largely ignorant of their responsibilities under Title IX, a federal civil rights law. Don’t expect schools to recite students’ rights when they bravely report sexual harassment. Stop Sexual Assault in Schools. It’s free because we care and we’ve been there.

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