Corey Stingley case: Judge issues restraining order against father of boy who died in 2012, but why?

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MILWAUKEE -- A father accuses a man of killing his son -- but a judge issues an injunction, or restraining order against the father to protect the accused. Craig Stingley was appealing a ruling last month that granted the injunction -- and this matter hasn't yet been resolved.

Corey Stingley

Corey Stingley

Craig Stingley's son, 16-year-old son Corey Stingley was restrained by three men after allegedly attempting to steal liquor from VJ's Food Mart in West Allis in December 2012.

Video surveillance showed him placing bottles of alcohol into his backpack. It showed the clerk confront Stingley as he attempted to purchase another item. Then Stingley appeared to reach for his debit card -- and take off running.

VJ's Food Mart

VJ's Food Mart

That's when three customers stepped in -- leading to a struggle. They restrained Stingley until police arrived minutes later. By then, the 16-year-old was not breathing and had no pulse. Medical professionals were able to restore a pulse, but Stingley later died.

A John Doe investigation was held in Milwaukee County in this case, but no criminal charges were filed. The investigation found the evidence did not establish an intent to harm Corey Stingley.

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Stingley's family against the three customers and the store manager involved.

VJ's Food Mart

VJ's Food Mart

Meanwhile, in a courtroom in Waukesha County on Wednesday, October 21st during the injunction/restraining order hearing, Craig Stingley and the man seeking the injunction or restraining order each represented themselves.

Craig Stingley

Craig Stingley

And for the second time, Craig Stingley was in court with one of the men he accuses of killing his son Corey in 2012.

The man, whom FOX6 News is not identifying, asked for the injunction based on two letters Craig Stingley sent to the district attorney and the Office of Lawyer Regulation, Wisconsin Department of Justice.

The letters were sent after the district attorney decided not to charge the four men (three customers and the clerk) who restrained Corey Stingley at the food mart.

"In both of those letters, he names my name specifically and uses very threatening language detailing what he feels he needs to do if there are no charges filed against the people who he feels are accountable for the death of his son," the man who asked for the injunction said in court Wednesday.

Craig Stingley and the man were able to question one another in court.

Craig Stingley: "Did I ever have any communication with you whatsoever?"

Man: "Not directly."

Judge: "A threat does not have to be made directly to someone.

Stingley: "My statements to them were meant to be in the form of a question that says: Is this what is required in this system? It's anarchy -- where we`re headed."

The judge, reading excerpts from Stingley's letters, said the letters did rise to the level of a threat.

Craig Stingley

Craig Stingley

"I am trying to remain restrained, but if the so-called justice is corrupt and broken, what is the point of me restraining myself from avenging the murder of my son?" Stingley said.

The judge granted a four-year injunction against Craig Stingley.

Stingley says he will appeal the judge's ruling.

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    • natcarr11

      Amen to Holly! Not only were these CRIMINALS not charged, now they’re going as far as this. I’m disgusted. I hope with everything in me that karma is real.

    • austandbay

      Should a teenager really be killed for stealin a bottle of alcohol? Did you do anything stupid when you were a teenager??

      • Teila

        If it was up to me, the manager could’ve taken a shot gun and shot him in the back as he left the store with the stolen goods. If you steal, you deserve what you get. Period. At 16, you’re no longer a “boy”. You’re a young man, and old enough to be put down like a man who steals from others.

  • James

    This same type of thinking is what led to the tragic death of Laylah Peterson. Stop painting it as protective. It isnt. It’s destructive.

    • Megan

      Laylah was shot by thugs aiming at the wrong house. Corey was chased down and killed by grown men who just didn’t feel like paying attention to the fact that he couldn’t breathe he deserves justice. His family deserves closure and peace. You can’t blame a father for acting out when the system failed his son.

      • buck

        well megan why was he chased , because he stole something! this was not a poor boy doing nothing wrong, also if he was so innocent why did he try to run?

      • James

        Megan, you need to review your facts and think more objectively. Laylah Peterson was killed because a man was angry at the justice system and took revenge into his own hands. This is precisely what Mr Sti gley is suggesting he will do. He is no better than the men who shot Laylah. He is actually worse than the men who killed his son. Their intent was to restrain, not kill. But Mr Sti gley has murder in his heart. He WANTS to destroy families, take lives. Regardless of the reasons, he has become a bad man.

  • austandbay

    This is so very sad and unfortunate. My daughter Bailee was friends with Corey and he was a good kid! All teenagers at some point make stupid decisions and stealing alcohol was one of those decisions but he did not deserve to be killed by grown men, ADULTS who should have not made the stupid decision that they did! Corey was not armed, he was not trying to harm anyone! Fine, restrain him until police get there That’s not wrong, but to use such force that they kill him is purely insane! There were 4 adults, they could have restrained him without killing him!!
    My daughter passed away shortly after Corey died. She went into cardiac arrest for reasons we still do not know, the medical examiner could not find any reason why her heart stopped. So I know the pain of losing my child. Everyday I am lost because I have no idea why she isn’t here, no idea why her heart stopped. Corey’s dad and authorities know why Corey isn’t here, because ADULT men restrained a 16 year old boy until he was lifeless and I am sure clearly knew that they were using too much force as Corey stopped breathing!! Corey’s family deserves justice!! There was NO REASON that a 16 year old boy needed to lose his life for makkng a stupid teenage decision. So is it acceptable than for any teenage kid caught stealing from a store can be restrained until they are pulse less and not breating?? The fact that these adults were not held responsible for taking Corey’s life sends a horrible message!! Maybe not everyone can understand why Corey’s dad wrote the things he did in the letter, but knowing that he wakes up every single day and knows who took his sons life and knows that nothing is being done about it the questions he asked make perfect sense!!
    I am so proud of him for all of the things he has done to tell Corey’s story and to continuing trying to get justice for his son!! When you lose your child it is hard to do anything at all and he is an amazing dad and I really hope that there is eventually punishment for these men who took Corey’s life!! It is unbelievable that it has not been done yet!!!

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