“It doesn’t make them a bad dog:” 53-year-old woman attacked by two pit bulls in Glendale

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GLENDALE -- Glendale police are investigating an incident where two pit bulls attacked a 53-year-old woman near N. Shasta Drive and W. Custer Avenue on Friday morning, October 23rd.

Pit bull attack

Pit bull attack

The quiet morning was interrupted by the cries of a woman.

"I heard some commotion outside and somebody screaming. Just a lot of get off, stop it, help me's," said Kelli Fox, neighbor.

Neighbors ran outside along Shasta Drive to find the woman being attacked by the pit bulls.

"One of the neighbors took a shovel or a broom or something and tried pushing them away," said Fox.

Investigators say the 53-year-old woman took her own dog outside when the attack happened. She suffered bites on her leg and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, officers tried catching the pit bulls, but they ran down Silver Spring and ended up in a neighbors backyard off 26th Street. There, police say one of the dogs charged at two officers. The officers shot and killed it.

"Apparently, that was the more aggressive dog that was involved in the attack," said the Executive Director for MADACC, Karen Sparapani.

Karen Sparapani

Karen Sparapani

The other dog was taken to MADACC where it will be held for 10 days and observed for rabies.

Sparapani says it's unclear whether the dog they are holding was the aggressor.

"It doesn't make them a bad dog, but it does make them a dog that has to be managed," said Sparapani.

A scary chain of events that left those involved feeling for both sides.

"It's sad all the way around," said Fox.

Neighbors tell us the 53-year-old woman had to undergo surgery.

It's unclear whether the owner of the dogs will be cited.

Google Map for coordinates 43.115468 by -87.942670.


  • Debbie Bell

    Can someone explain to us compassionate thinking people how the bully people, the gladiator dog mongers, justify the continued breeding of THE dogs selectively bred to grow up to kill their own kind, for no reason?

    Since it results in maimed and mangled and
    dead dogs daily, how are you any different than Michael Vick?

    • #Truth

      Poor comparison.. Just cant get past Vick. The man has done his time, paid his fines, even advocates against animal abuse. No one ever speaks of the convict Martha Stewart or any of them other white criminals. Get past the guy already

      • vicki

        Agree about Vick. People need to leave him alone. I wish people were as outraged at child abusers as they are Vick.
        It’s not a race issue it’s just this sick generation that care more about dogs than they do their own species.

    • Mel

      Obviously Debbie, you are TERRIBLY misinformed about pitbulls. This dog breed is loyal, protective and in the care of good dog owners, almost never overtly aggressive. This was a horrible incident and it seems to me like the woman unintentionally showed them some type of threat posturing. I wish the story could better inform us of what happened with her and the dogs before the attack. Also it lacks information on the owners whereabouts and why the dogs were out of the yard and unleashed. It is not fair or right to condemn a breed for the actions of few. But to make any assumption that it’s the owner’s fault is also unfair cause there is so many unanswered questions that are crucial to making a judgement here. Dogs are protective and a lot of the postures we see as being “friendly” or “docile” are seen in the dog world as threatening or aggressive. This can be as simple as a strangers smile or tone of voice (threatening to a strangers dog) or if she was approached by an abused dog, which like most abused animals, will seek out a weaker victim to dominate. I am wondering what happened here as there were two dogs. So stop blaming the breed and ask more questions about HOW this happened. There are cases of the breed being extremely protective of territory, and also children of the owner or their puppies. But alas there is no details, just that they were loose and attacked. Unlike most people, dogs do not just attack without a reason and perceived threat behavior.

      I have had pitbulls, large rednose and blue pits, never EVER EVER had to bat an eye at the thought it would just attack anyone. I have had children, my own and others around them and never had any problems or incidents. Owners are usually a dog’s downfall, that and the unfortunate threat a dog perceives. Look at ALL facts, which are not provided here before you make ignorant statements condemning an entire breed as savage and made to kill.

      Today’s pitbull is decedent from the English bull-baiting dogs, a dog that was bred to bait and bite and hold a bull or other large animal, like a bear around the face and head, allowing a hunter to subdue the creature to kill it. This was the case till baiting was outlawed in the 1800’s. It is very unfortunate that the breed has been used to fight for sport, as it is cruel and will ruin any animals psyche.

      They are extremely loyal and loving dogs. It’s sad that people like you act like they are nothing but savage killers.

      • Killian

        I know several people who have pit bulls, and nearly all of them have some kind of caveats about dealing with them: Don’t look it in the eye. Don’t move too fast around it. Only pet it on this spot. Don’t talk to it in a high voice. I’ve dealt with a lot of dog breeds, but none are as “special needs” as pit bulls.

      • CHSNY

        Threat posturing? Really? Why not just say that the victim wore bad perfume that upset the dogs. And why not blame the owner of the attacking dogs? The dogs were out without a leash and not supervised. Does the reason why matter?

    • vicki

      Can someone tell me how they can have compassion for dogs when they don’t have compassion for Children/human beings? I’m sorry but there too many kids fall victim to these dogs.IT’s so sad when I hear a child lost a life cause a pit bull attacked.

  • Bsl

    “It doesn’t make them a bad dog, but it does make them a dog that has to be managed,” said Sparapani.

    Is Sparapani for real? Put the dog down already!! Good grief.

  • Mel

    Sorry Libertarian,

    Unless the dogs were inbred or abused, you can’t make the judgement that they were unstable, or even used and abused for fighting here. There’s just not enough information here to work with.

    I find it sad that people see pitbulls as savage and deadly when there are plenty of other breeds that are scarier.

    Here’s a couple of examples.

    Rhodesian Ridgeback – bred for fighting and hunting lions.

    Bull Mastiff – bred and built for guarding an estate, tracking and taking down with the ability to hold an intruder.

    Dachshund – bred to kill and flush out forest game, kills badgers, foxes and boars.

    So I offer you these breeds, which were ALL bred for the ability to kill and maim. So maybe do a little research before you assume.

    P.S. your cat is more likely to make a meal of you than a dog, dogs tend to die at the side of their owner, just today on this site there is a story of a dog that went to the scene of its owners death and laid in the street.

    Dogs are not at fault here, people are.

    • Loveless

      I know an air head will be an air head right? there’s no way around that! There’s good and bad in the world which means there’s always different opinions! The truth still stands that’s why you’re so mad typing long stories of pit bulls which no one cares about! So are you mad or naw?Seems to be you’re the pit bull owner since you’re taking the time out to explain why they shouldn’t get put to sleep! Maybe this is why they had enough time to break out biting others from the lack of your attention attending to the Internet all day! Silly circus act

    • Allie

      Bull Mastiffs are mastiffs crossed with pit bulls. Bull Mastifss killed several people last year. Dachshunds are known for being biters, but they aren’t big enough to kill anybody. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are not known for killing people. Of the 42 people killed by dogs last year, 27 were killed by pit bulls. Pit bulls are by far the most dangerous dogs around.

  • CYW

    A commenter here claims that pit bulls are just loving, sweet, friendly dogs that just have bad owners. Unfortunately, it’s not the owners, it’s the breed itself. They are aggressive, territorial dogs that tend to seek out other dogs and sometimes people to attack and main. One commenter actually wrote, “it seems to me like the woman unintentionally showed them some type of threat posturing.” WHAT?!?!? There is no “posture” I can make that would justify a dog attacking me. Pit bull defenders need to get their heads out of the behinds and take a look at what is really going on with these aggressive dogs. If that woman was instead a small child, the dogs could have killed, as they have been known to do.

    • Mel

      So it would be totally okay with your dog to have a complete stranger bare their teeth at or invade a known territorial animals space!? I have news for you ANY dog will defend it’s territory. Pitbulls are not “dangerous” any more than a Doberman, a rottweiler or a Shepard. To say so is ignorant. And the ignorant people here on the forum is staggering.

      Dogs are simple and pretty dang easy to figure out. All I said is we don’t know all the details of what the owner did and what the dogs did, there’s simply not enough information. And of course an owner is liable for injuries incurred to someone because of their pet!

      And any dog can harm and is capable of harming people. Breed really doesn’t matter. And pack mentality is also dangerous. So ask these hard questions first before you hate on a breed.

  • Lisa Padgett

    “It doesn’t make them a bad dog” ????
    Karen Sparapani – Shame on you. They killed a dog and a woman had to have surgery. Yes that’s a bad dog you idiot.

  • yo doggy

    Pit bull is a dangerous animal. Anyone who owns one and said dog attacks and kills a child for bad posture should be put behind bars for homicide.

  • Loveless

    They all sound like fools these animals can not be tamed! I don’t understand why they aren’t bad dogs! Sure blame the victim… You have to be kiddie me! Wrong is wrong and they were wrong! Yes the owner should be liable because when you have animals like this in a neighborhood and not a big open country this is the risk you take! So since their the boss make them pay the cost!

  • killary bliton

    Killary Bliton is like a pit bull. It bites and lies and stands there while your being eaten alive and not send any help.

  • libertarian

    Lol Mel the problem is its always pit bulls mauling people I don’t hear of Rhodesian Ridge back attacks it’s always a Pit bull .Sorry we hurt your pit bull pride. Iam glad none of my neighbors own any of these whack job dogs. They simply cannot be trusted because time and time again it’s almost always a Pit bull. If you want to risk owning them go head just keep them away from my hood.

  • libertarian

    BREAKING NEWS I have been on the phone with my good drinking buddy Joe Biden and he is proposing a bill right now banning the Pit bull breed from the United States. Joe said that they are dangerous weapons and just like a gun they can just go off all on their own. Joe said he’s reading the constitution to see if anywhere it might say that citizens have the right to Pit bulls he said it could possibly be included in the second amendment and we just might not be noticing it’s there.

  • Food For Thought

    If all rat dog breeds like Yorkies,and Chihuahuas were big like a Pitbull, I promise you that you would never ever hear about a Pitbull attack. Those little ratty dogs are so small that a bite from them is no worse mosquito bite so thus people don’t have to go to a hospital for something so minor.

    If you look at “Dangerous” dog breeds you’ll notice that they’re usually a bigger breed of dog. With their size and strength of course they’re going to be able deal out more damage. So sadly when something like this happens with a bigger dog breed there’s usually some major injuries. Honestly it’s the smaller dogs that have more a likely hood to attack.

    Next time you see a pitbull with it’s owner or even at an animal shelter interact with them and you realize after a little bit that they’re not bad dogs. People are more dangerous to one another than any “Mean” or “Vicious” pitbull is.

  • Jeff H

    Owning big powerful breeds comes with responsibility and for the most part the Pit Bulls I have known have been good dogs. However anytime a Pit or any other breed attacks and inflicts serious injuries on people or other dogs it is not to be trusted and should be considered dangerous. There is no excuse for an attack of this nature and attempting to blame the victim for posturing is moronic. The ultimate result of this incident was a law enforcement officer using his firearm to kill a charging Pit and the woman in surgery for bite wounds. Unfortunately owners often do not understand that their sweet dog is capable of inflicting serious damage and become complacent resulting in this type of horrific situation. I wish the victim a speedy recovery.

  • Killian

    Most responsible pit bull owners understand that these are very powerful, independent-minded animals and not suitable for everyone. Unfortunately, many pit bull owners are not responsible. They either “rescue ” them because they think all they need is love and a good home, or they get them to look tough, or they pick one out because there are so many of them at shelters and they have no idea how to handle them. The thing is, pits might seem playful and loving to you, but they’re not the smartest animals and often see strange people and dogs as a direct threat. Combine that with a strong build and powerful bite, and that can result in the kinds of terrible situations like this attack.

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