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Police pursuit ends in New Berlin Walmart parking lot, prompting lockdown

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NEW BERLIN -- The Walmart located on Moorland Road was evacuated after suspects involved in an armed robbery attempted to evade police by fleeing in the parking lot. Police arrested two of the suspects, but a third is still on the loose.

The episode of events began shortly after 3:15 p.m. on Saturday, October 24th.



New Berlin police say it all started when three men robbed a Verizon Wireless store in Waukesha. The suspects were described as two or possibly three African-American males, last seen driving a white SUV.

According to authorities, the white SUV the suspects were said to be in was spotted by a New Berlin officer at the intersection of Greenfield Avenue and Moorland Road. Officers followed the vehicle into the Walmart parking lot where the suspects fled.

"I was kind of scared, making sure everyone was alright," said Darryl Dewey, witness.

Darryl Dewey

Darryl Dewey

Darryl Dewey and his daughter, Ashley, ended up in the middle of a police pursuit. They watched as police surrounded the store.

"They were walking in and out of the store, I saw them with rifles, shotguns. I'm sure they were doing a thorough search of the store," said Darryl.

Customers were evacuated as police searched the area looking for the three men.

"Some people looked nervous, they were walking around huddled together," said Ashley Dewey, witness.

Suspect pursuit

Suspect pursuit

Police say one of the suspects ran through the parking lot and into a cemetery, but after a short foot chase they were taken into custody.

Another suspect was apprehended down the street. The Dewey family filmed that arrest as they drove by.

"There were like 12 squad cars and they had one suspect laying down on the ground," said Darryl.

Moments of uncertainty ended without injury after a routine day of shopping turns out to be anything but.



"I'm just glad everyone is safe," said Ashley.

The third suspect involved in this incident has not been taken into custody. Police have identified that person, but he has not yet been arrested.


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