Celebrating carbs: World Pasta Day may provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy a plate of spaghetti

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MILAN — Love pasta? Sunday, October 25th may be the perfect day to enjoy some, as it’s “World Pasta Day!”

The annual holiday celebrates our favorite carbohydrates — and this year, the “World Pasta Day” event is being held in Milan, drawing inspiration from the theme “Feeding the planet, energy for life.”

The goal of this initiative is to celebrate pasta, and communicate the nutritional values to the media and consumers.

“World Pasta Day” is being held in conjunction with the “V World Pasta Congress,” which consists of a scientific conference attended by experts from around the world made up of several thematic sessions on subjects of pasta interest.

The World Pasta Congress takes place every five years.

What’s your favorite pasta dish? Maybe it’s something you make yourself — or a dish you enjoy at your favorite restaurant.

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