Simmering feud boils over: Two shot in Brookfield in apparent dispute between neighbors

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BROOKFIELD -- Officials say two people were shot in Brookfield on Sunday, October 25th -- and this is believed to have stemmed from a dispute between neighbors.

It happened around 4:30 p.m. near Edwards and Tulane.

Shooting in Brookfield

Shooting in Brookfield

A neighbor and witness told FOX6's Bret Lemoine that this shooting was sparked by a homeowner's bonfire.

The victims, who are both men, are expected to survive. A suspect is in custody. Police say that suspect was not shot.

According to the Brookfield Police Department, three neighbors were talking in a backyard and got into a dispute with a fourth neighbor, the suspect. At that time, the suspect went into his residence and then returned with handgun and began to shoot -- striking two people.

Both victims suffered gunshot wounds -- one neighbor was shot twice, the other neighbor was shot once.

Police say all three men involved are Brookfield residents in their 50s.

Shooting in Brookfield

Shooting in Brookfield

Neighbors tell FOX6 News a bonfire set one neighbor off.

"No one deserves that. They were hanging out in the backyard.  The houses butt up against each other.  They just were mouthing off," Ciro Gamino said.

"They were arguing and he snapped and pulled out a gun and started shooting,"  Don Gwinn said.

Those who live nearby say they heard as many as six gunshots.

Shooting in Brookfield

Shooting in Brookfield

"Seen one guy getting taken away in handcuffs.  There was an ambulance here that took someone away," Renee Altmeyer said.

Both victims were taken to Froedtert Hospital for treatment, and they are expected to survive.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation officials had all lanes blocked on WIS 59 at Elm Grove Road in Brookfield as a result of this incident.

The lanes reopened to traffic around 6:15 p.m.

Shooting in Brookfield

Shooting in Brookfield

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


    • Walt Euler

      There are NO clean burning wood fires! They all stink!! Every time my neighbor south of me starts his outdoor wood burner I have to close our windows pronto, and there goes my cooling down of my home.Getting tired of running my air conditioner all the time, when I should not have to do it. In Burlington the City Ordinance refers to wood burners as ‘recreational fires’ ! It is silly. a stinking fire is a stinking fire. PERIOD !!

    • KP

      Either way, what they were doing is legal. This guy is a loose cannon who complains about everything, up to and including people using power tools and children playing. The issue isn’t the fire. The issue is a grumpy old man who wants the rest of the world to go away so he can live in his little bubble undisturbed.

  • prostate

    Well I gotta say I do agree gun violence has spiked big time all across America this year but as far as knocking on doors and confiscating people’s gun? Not sure that would go so smoothly for the people knocking on the doors? What really irritates me is someone referring to the constitution as a piece of junk! Libertarian you are an anti American leave the country go live over in Iran if you want total government control. It’s a good thing your identity is hidden behind your libtard name buddy!

  • J.L

    I love how it says the wisconsin department of transportation. What You ACTUALLY need to say is the Wisconsin State Patrol

  • A yooper

    Smelling burning leaves in the fall? not a problem in my book. I think it is wonderful! The smell of fresh cut grass in the spring, grills smoking with meat on it, a little smokey smell from leaves??? Can’t stand the smell of outdoors?? Go buy yourself a condo in downtown Chicago and enjoy the smells.

  • Knowthefamily.

    The funny thing is… they weren’t aruging over a “bon fire”… they are not getting the whole story.. yet just what “by standards” say… The neighbor was an angry old man who needed help. Maybe if the news would find facts out instead of just what people “say” maybe the story would sound more accurate… and no its not THUGS.. some people are ignorant

    • Truth Teller

      Pulling out a gun mid argument and then shooting, without a safety concern in the world…hmm…I’d call THUG BEHAVIOR. You see, that’s not an age, color, or gender specific term. Would the compassion be so real had anyone gotten hit by a stray bullet?

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