Officer-involved shooting: Discovery of motorcycle in ditch led to death of 47-year-old man

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PADDOCK LAKE -- Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth says the discovery of a motorcycle in a ditch set off a series of events that led to a deadly officer-involved shooting on Saturday night, October 24th in Paddock Lake. Sheriff Beth says his deputy shot a 47-year-old man after the man pointed a shotgun at officials. The man died at the hospital.

The shooting happened near 60th and 236th Avenue in Paddock Lake in Kenosha County shortly before 6:30 p.m. Saturday evening.

Officer-involved shooting Paddock Lake

Officer-involved shooting Paddock Lake

"You`re always very concerned when a family loses a husband and a father," Marie Simmer said.

Simmer's neighbor, Darren Myron Fude was killed in this shooting.

Sheriff Beth says deputies went to Fude's home on Saturday night because a motorcycle found in a ditch was registered to his address.

"He came with a shotgun out of the house and out onto the front porch and he started wielding it at the deputy sheriff -- the three deputy sheriffs that were there. This was purely over a traffic citation -- so why would you go to this level?" Sheriff Beth said.

Sheriff Beth says Fude ignored orders to drop the weapon, and Fude then pointed the weapon at the deputies. One responded by shooting Fude, who is survived by his wife and two children who were at home at the time of this incident.

Officer-involved shooting in Paddock Lake

Officer-involved shooting in Paddock Lake

"Even by his family`s own accord, this is not him," Sheriff Beth said.

"I`d walk by, say hi. He`d say hi back. Social contact -- nothing out of the ordinary. Never had any trouble down there that I know of. I`ve been here 30 years. He`d been there about 2," Simmer said.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is now leading the investigation into this incident.

Sheriff Beth says the deputy who shot Fude is now on administrative leave.

"In this situation, to protect themselves, to defend themselves, from everything I`ve been told so far, the deputy was justified," Sheriff Beth said.

Per state law, the final decision regarding this case will be made by the Kenosha County district attorney. If he determines the shooting was justified, the documents related to this investigation will become public record.

Sheriff Beth says it's unlikely any of the squad car's dash cams recorded the shooting. He says the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department is not looking into getting body cameras.

Officer-involved shooting Paddock Lake

Officer-involved shooting Paddock Lake


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