YouTube stars Sam and Nia announce new pregnancy with another surprise video

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TERRELL, Texas – In August, Samand Nia’s YouTube video went viral when he surprised her by sharing that they were pregnant.

Within just a few short days, they shared another video, indicating that they had a miscarriage.

They decided to announce their most recent pregnancy with a YouTube video once again. This time, they surprised Sam’s mother.

Sam told PEOPLE the pair found out that Nia was pregnant just “a couple weeks ago.” They aren’t sure how far along she is, but they are “estimating eight weeks.”

“We believe life begins at conception and we believe it’s to be celebrated right away,” Sam now tells PEOPLE. “We don’t believe it’s something to be hidden. We were excited right away and we wanted to share that with our fans.”

Sam said the public reaction to their previous announcement and miscarriage made them nervous for this pregnancy.

“There’s definitely some anxiety unlike we’ve ever experienced,” he said about trying again after their miscarriage. “And [the miscarriage] caused just a crushing blow to our family. So, yeah there’s some anxiety thinking about the possibility of having another miscarriage.”


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