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Rand Paul says he’ll filibuster budget deal, do “everything I can to stop it”

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rand Paul said Tuesday he would filibuster bipartisan budget deal reached by the White House and congressional Republicans, setting up a fight between the presidential candidate and GOP leadership.

The agreement would also raise the debt ceiling, to ensure the U.S. does not default.

The Kentucky senator told reporters in Colorado that he would do “everything I can to stop it.”

“It is hard for me not to use profanity in describing it,” he said. “We should be using the leverage of the debt ceiling to actually enforce spending restraint.”

The deal would increase defense and domestic spending by $80 billion over two years, make changes to the Social Security disability fund and raise the national debt ceiling until March 2017.

Fiscal conservatives have balked at the increased spending, but the deal is widely expected to pass.

“It’s a $1.5 trillion spending increase and in exchange for that they get $80 billion in more spending,” said Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kansas. “So anybody who is a serious fiscal conservative cannot support this bill in my opinion.”

Paul currently is lagging in polling, and has had to tamp down recent rumors that he will drop out of the 2016 GOP primary race.


  • les

    That is why I Stand with Rand. We all have to face the music and say enough is enough. We have to stand up and say stop stealing our money and future generations money. We have to make sure that our elected officials should be more scared of us than the establishment they belong to. They may act tough and strong while they are campaigning but reality is they become babies after they get elected. When the time for them to stand up for us and be an adult they just cowar and whine like babies while throwing us under the bus. We citizens are no better. We say we want change and to get things right but when we have someone who has stood up for us and is willing to stand up again, what do we do, we criticize him and we follow the crowd that got us in this mess and fights very hard to keep us in it.

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