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Twitter takes Florida high schooler to task for blackface Nicki Minaj costume

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FLORIDA — Twitter user @Emmajohns129 is a Florida high school student who decided to dress up as Nicki Minaj for homecoming, complete with black face makeup. She then tweeted a collage of photos of her and her friends, and the Internet is planning to never let her forget about it.

Not only did Emma receive a series of angry replies to the tweets, but offended parties also found out what high school she attends and what college she’s applying to. She has now deleted her Twitter account but several people have already emailed her high school and alerted the University of Florida, where she’s applying for school next fall.

The dean of Emma’s high school began emailing out a form letter reading, “Thank you for the information. Our administration is investigating this.”

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Just in case the administration’s investigation isn’t enough, her superintendent is also being informed that the costume was worn to a school Homecoming event and no one said anything prior to the photos being tweeted.

BeforeĀ @emmajohns129 deleted her account, she did tweet an apology for any offense the costume may have caused, which was screen capped by the people calling her out.

It’s safe to say that even if @Emmajohns129 doesn’t get reprimanded by her own school system or University of Florida (who has their own troublesome past with blackface) the Twitter call-out will be enough to make her re-think her costume choices in the future. If she decides to dress up as an African-American person again she should follow suit with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Miley Cyrus, who were able to do it without blackface.

For anyone else that doesn’t get why it’s a big deal, remember the cautionary tale of Julianne Hough’s 2013 Halloween costume. Twitter user @Sammi_sp also spells it out pretty nicely.


  • Amber

    I honestly do not understand the issue here or with the teacher they were talking about early this month. “Blackface” is not making your entire body a darker shade of a natural skin color to portray someone for a costume. Black face is using black paint to paint your face (as they did in minstrel shows). This is not “blackface”. And shame on the people who are trying to ruin her future when they have never met her. As the other comment says, why is the movie white girls ok? Why are you not calling out every girl who uses self tanner or goes in a tanning bed? I’m so sick of people taking offense to everything like they have some right to decide what is ok and what is not. Get a life.


    What the girl did was dumb, but the hoards of people committing cyber terrorism on her life and future? Come on.

  • #Truth

    No big deal. They all do it anyway. That’s why tan and try to get a nice sexy dark color, they hate their own skin. The young white kids love the music and try to live the black culture. And the white girls, love nothing more than to find a strapping young black man o her own to procreate with… Good job

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