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“‘Black Lies Matter’ will join forces with ISIS:” Comments made by Sheriff Clarke causing controversy

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke's recent commentary is causing some controversy not only here in Milwaukee, but across the country.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on Fox & Friends

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on Fox & Friends

On Fox & Friends on Monday morning, October 26th, Sheriff Clarke was asked about the Black Lives Matter movement, and whether it plays an important role.

"No. It's garbage. It's a subversive movement," Sheriff Clarke said.

On Fox & Friends, Sheriff Clarke suggested police should allow "Black Lives Matter" demonstrators and business owners to get into confrontations.

"Then the police can show up and arrest these sub-human creeps for creating a disturbance," Sheriff Clarke said.

Sheriff Clarke said this on Twitter Tuesday night, October 27th:

Khalil Coleman

Khalil Coleman

"It says, 'Black Lies Matter will join forces with ISIS,'" Khalil Coleman, a Milwaukee educator, activist and advocate said.

Coleman, who is part of the "Black Lives Matter" movement, says the larger concern here is the content of Clarke's message on Twitter.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

"Out the gate, he's saying 'Black Lies,' so anything that comes with the 'Black Lives' movement is a 'lie,'" Coleman said. "I don't know no 'ISIS.' I don't know no other brothas that know no 'ISIS.'"

But Coleman says he does know the "Black Lives Matter" movement is being misunderstood.

"When people say 'all lives matter' -- yes. Very true. All lives do matter. But in order for all lives to matter, you can't deny black lives," Coleman said.

Sheriff Clarke declined FOX6's request for an interview on Wednesday regarding his comments.




  • Karen Nelson

    I am so sick of this “Black lives matter” rhetoric. ALL lives matter!! Look at a picture of Layla Peterson. LAYLA’S LIFE MATTERED, she was not black, but she was murdered by a bunch of black people. My prayers go out to her family and I hope that the people involved will soon be brought to justice.

  • just another humanbeing!

    Here is the real issue with David Clark he was not raised in Milwaukee he lived and was raised in the suburbs. He has no real clue of the day to day struggle that others endured. He might be black but he has no clue n runs his mouth like he knows , he know nothing and should keep quiet!!!! as far as the black lives matter the movement has never said no other lives matter!! it goal is to focus attn on the true inhumane treatment that most blacks living in the city deal with on a day to day basis. Black live matter has never stood for hurting or injuring any police officers period. I will not lower myself to Mr Clark’s level of name calling. all lives do matter, yet this is not what the movement was founded on………..

    • CYNIC

      So what are they calling for when they carry signs and banners saying “Kill cops!” Sounds pretty clear to me what they want.

    • JP79

      I guess no ghetto kids grow up and want to be Sheriff. He does know whats going on in Milwaukee, he sees the worst of it do you? We see what is shown on the news, we do not have to tell families that there loved one is dead due to a another senseless shooting he and his people do. You dont have to be raised in the heart of Milwaukee to know it is F’d up. Any African American that is not a dead beat or calling “poor me” is not liked by the majority of the African American community just because that person worked their butt off to do some thing with their lives. Maybe more of the inner city kids should take note of what can happen if you try and not take hand outs from the government. We elected a black president to two terms, has there been a woman in office? Why dont we see a huge group of woman protesting telling us “Female Lives Matter” since there are many of them killed every day by violence. I guess the Sheriff is sick of the “poor me’s” good for him.

    • Rodney Johnson

      Sheriff Clarke actually DID grow up in Milwaukee, in the Berryland Projects. Not sure where you got your information about him being raised in the suburbs. He still lives in Milwaukee.

  • fed up!

    you are just mad that he speaks the truth,the spokesman you quoted , a supposed teacher should learn grammer, and also you people have it so bad ,entitlement ,bama phones, why dont you do something about it and get a job and move out, but then you would have nothing to complain about

  • Dani

    He needs to shut up and do his job… No one likes him white or black. He’s a big mouth idiot looking for some attention. When he wakes up he needs to realize that he is STILL a BLACK MAN no matter what he tries to portray himself as. You faced the same adversities as everybody else. There is a huge disconnect between blks and the justice system. Something needs to be done.

    • JP79

      No it seem the “blacks” are pretty connected to the justice system, look at the people that were booked into the Milwaukee jail you can see it on their website… Thats a connection, a locked up connection.


    Well, let’s see. ISIS is a group that spreads a message of hate and calls for the destruction of people who don’t condone their actions or share their beliefs. BLM spreads a message of hate that calls for the destruction of people who don’t condone their actions or share their beliefs. ISIS recruits young people, fills their heads with hate and rhetoric, and sends them out to carry out their mission. BLM also recruits young people, fills their heads with hate and rhetoric, and sends them out to spread their message. ISIS owes its expansion in part to the general populace in their region turning a blind eye to their actions out of fear of reprisal or agreement with their mission. BLM owes its expansion to members of predominantly black communities continuing to turn a blind eye to the actions of some members of their communities, whether out of fear of reprisal, or agreement with their mission. They both hate authority, they both hate America, they both hate white people, and they both see themselves as an aggrieved group that must resort to violence to get what they want. So ya, is it that far fetched?

    This message will self-moderate in 5…4…3…2…1…

    • William Johnson

      Because a few idiots carry signs and express vile ugly things about the police, you condemn a whole movement, is like saying that one white police office takes aim a shoots an unarmed black man run AWAY, all police white police officers does the same thing

    • William Johnson

      And lets see is the BLM killing and murdering people, chopping innocent people heads off, if you tell me where one person was murdered by anyone from the BLM, I will apologize!

  • Demetrius

    Anyone in authority that slanders a citizens right to protest the uncivilized and unconstitutional treatment of their brothers and sisters is not fit to represent that authority, Black Lives Matter is calling attention to hundreds of years of unwavering abuse, abuse most of you never believed happened when told and don’t believe when shown graphic video evidence. The worst part about this brainwashed sycophant is not that he has such an opinion of his own, it’s that he believes the validity of his words. This is why we as a nation cannot move forward, because when pepole of non white skin tell you “hey somethings wrong” you don’t believe us, then when we show you somethings wrong you say “there must be something that contributed to that” and then it happens to you and you sit there shoving your apathetic words back down your throats. The dynamic is changing, whether you like it or not, I weep for all children of all colors because of it, but I will have no remorse for the death of this archaic system of fear and oppression, and any who would rationalize our reliance to it… because that is exactly what this is, those with power fear losing it the most, those without power have nothing to fear.
    Side note to the cowardly oreo…
    “I feared for my life” “I fear isis” “I’m afraid to do my job because everyone has a camera” “I’m afraid BLM has unified the masses” has been used so much these past year, it should herald in the changing of the color of their uniforms… to a cowardly yellow.
    isis (tremble) al quesedilla (gasp) Mexicans (hide) bunch of lily livered pansies if you ask me.
    I’m from NYC and even though we’ve lost so much due to administrative negligence, I will not cave to the “fear everything” mentality, especially from my own countrymen and women. How do you guys back a coward?

  • Ralph Winfield

    Go back to China if you don’t like it! You are not welcome here any how! (Nah, I’m just messin’ wit’ ya, my little Asian friend.)

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