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Owners of car dealerships in Milwaukee area on high alert! Cars flying off lots, thanks to thieves

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MILWAUKEE -- Officials with car dealerships in the Milwaukee area are on high alert. Cars are flying off lots, as thieves target dealerships -- and some of these thefts have been caught on camera. The video shows just how brazen these thieves are.

"They broke in through one of the windows, and proceeded to take a new F-150 right off the showroom floor," Glen Pentler, owner of Uptown Ford-Lincoln said.

Pentler shared video of the crime that occurred on Wednesday, October 28th with FOX6 News. He calls this a new epidemic.

F-150 stolen from Uptown Ford-Lincoln

F-150 stolen from Uptown Ford-Lincoln

"I think it's around six to eight dealers that have been hit, so to speak," Pentler said.

The F-150 was later found ditched on North Avenue. Wauwatosa police believe it was used in an armed robbery.

Police say they believe this case is connected to other vehicle thefts from dealerships in the Milwaukee area.

At Integrity Auto near 1st and Mineral in Milwaukee, each day this week has come with news regarding one of six vehicles stolen from the dealership. These thieves were also captured via surveillance camera -- arriving at the dealership on Sunday morning, October 25th.

Many of these vehicles have been found abandoned on the city's north side.

Integrity Auto officials say three teens were arrested in one of the vehicles in Oak Creek.

The latest news came Wednesday, October 28th. One of the dealership's vehicles was recovered after it was totaled in a crash. There was no one inside.

Integrity Auto

Integrity Auto

"I feel scared. How am I going to put my cars right here?  It's not safe right now," Jaier Sanchez, owner of Integrity Auto said.

Police are stepping up patrols near dealerships as a result of this uptick in thefts.

"I hope the people learn and they don't do this anymore," Sanchez said.

If anyone has information that could help police in any of these cases, you're asked to give them a call.

Damage at Upton Ford-Lincoln after vehicle theft

Damage at Upton Ford-Lincoln after vehicle theft

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  • phd

    Is it? Is it really THAT shocking? Really? You have good kids coming from whole families not some broken home where the kid doesn’t even know his dad. This kids should know better, I expect more out of them. They should be demonstrating how to behave in a decent society. I mean, if they don’t know no better because of how they were brought up then it’s on whoever kept these geniuses alive for so long until they could rob and steal and live off of us.

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