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State Transportation Department opposes bill that would roadblock roundabouts

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MADISON — The state Department of Transportation opposes a Republican bill that would put up a roadblock to building roundabouts on Wisconsin highways.

The measure heard Wednesday by the Assembly’s Transportation Committee would require local communities to approve installation of traffic circles that have increased in use in Wisconsin in recent years.

DOT official Tom Rhatican says requiring a local vote could lead to delays and added project costs. He also says it doesn’t make sense to give a local community to ability to veto a project that’s designed to deal with regional transportation needs.

Republican Rep. David Craig says he is sponsoring the bill to ensure local officials have a say in the project.

Craig says he’s more optimistic the measure will find support than it has in the past.


  • Al P

    They do serve a purpose in very limited areas but they are building way to many of them. The highway lobby knows how to spend the taxpayers money way too freely.

  • Brisls

    Why leave the decision to the people where they are to be built? Afraid they’ll be voted down? Too many accidents in them by drivers who don’t know or don’t want to know, how to drive them. Too many roads where multiple round-a-bouts have been built close to each other. The people have to pay for them, drive them, then let them decide.

  • Opinion8d

    The DOT official is full of it. How does a roundabout or traditional intersections impact regional needs? They’re not saying you can’t build the road, the community (who should have a vote) is just wanting to say if they want a roundabout or not. My understanding is it costs more to build roundabouts – and requires more space.

  • A yooper

    Jackson has series of three roundabouts west of the village. True that they are a pain if on 60. But if getting on or off of 45 it is much safer. I would prefer a roundabout to stop lights. They do involve some skill to navigate. Always be aware of the car in front of you stopping when they shouldn’t.

  • mi9ke

    As a CDL holder and truck driver for 39 years,these arethe most unsafe intersections they came up with,people pass cars,try to pass 66 foot trucks where drivers can’t see them,to me and many they are very dangerous,that is my opinion.

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