“Democracy works:” MPS announces voter registration initiative for its students

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MILWAUKEE -- It's a simple concept: Cast your vote to have your voice heard. There's a new effort to get more students involved in our democracy within Milwaukee Public Schools.

"I believe that our democracy works the best when the most number of people are involved," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Students at Riverside University High School

Students at Riverside University High School

To raise that number, teachers at Riverside University High School have been helping seniors register to vote. But recently, the student body government took action in an effort to require that all Milwaukee Public Schools students learn how to cast their ballot.

"I think it's very important for young people, especially, to realize the kind of power that they have in their hands as soon as they turn 18 and even before," said Estrella Luciano, Riverside University High School senior.

With the help of school and city officials, they developed the My Vote, My Voice Toolkit.

My Voice, My Vote

The toolkits will be distributed to all MPS high schools as a voter awareness initiative, helping educators register students to vote and promote voter participation.

Darienne Driver

Darienne Driver

The My Vote, My Voice Toolkit is packed with information, including everything from voter history, to details on how to get an ID, and how to register to vote.

"It's going to be a menu of program options to our schools to help everyone understand the rights and responsibilities that we have to vote," said MPS Superintendent Dr. Darienne Driver.

It's an effort to create lifetime voters who will make a difference one ballot at a time.

"It's for us and for the future as well, so voting now will reflect what happens in the future," said Lavell Scales, Riverside University High School senior.


  • $15 an hr is bad for the economy and job growth

    I only support this if the students can think for themselves and vote for the best candidate that follows their beliefs. The teachers have no right to tell them who to vote for. That is not fair nor ethical.

  • grunt

    The same MPS whose teachers had a temper tantrum because they didn’t like how an election turned out and wanted a recall.

  • Bob S.

    ” It’s an effort to create lifetime voters . . . . . ” Correction: It’s an effort to create lifetime Democrat voters- aka socialism. I’ll bet what they are not taught……. ” The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money” ( Margaret Thatcher ).

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