Bounce Milwaukee: Something different for that next party you’re preparing

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MILWAUKEE -- Try something different the next time you're attempting to line up a party venue. Bounce Milwaukee might be a consideration. Brian Kramp visited the Milwaukee business to show you what it's all about.

About Bounce Milwaukee

Bounce Milwaukee is not a giant national chain or a faceless franchise. We're a small family-owned business right here in Milwaukee and we're on site every day to make sure our guests are having the best experience possible.

Becky has spent the last 12 years launching and managing new nonprofit initiatives throughout the Midwest. Working in direct client services, she developed a passion for making sure everyone she worked with had a truly great experience. She brings that drive to ensuring you have an incredible experience every time you come to Bounce Milwaukee.

Ryan began teaching high school for Milwaukee Public Schools in 2001. Throughout the years, he found that many of his most memorable experiences with students happened outside the classroom during team-building and cooperative activities. Using his experience as a small business owner and events organizer, and his passion for connecting people, Ryan developed a vision of place for people of all ages to have a great time and share positive experiences.