Ministry with connections to Duggar family sued over abuse allegations, New Berlin pastor on defensive

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NEW BERLIN -- A ministry with connections to the Duggar family is being sued -- and a New Berlin pastor has found himself on the defensive. He and others are accused of covering up years of sexual abuse allegations.

The lawsuit claims Pastor David York hid or ignored serious accusations of sexual misconduct against children -- not in New Berlin, but at a ministry in Illinois with a very controversial leader.

Pastor David York

Pastor David York

Pastor York leads services at Crossroads Community Church on Moorland Road in New Berlin. But it's his service at another ministry that has him and other facing a possible multi-million dollar lawsuit.

York sits on the board of the Institute for Basic Life Principles -- based in Oak Brook, Illinois.

A new lawsuit claims the ministry's board turned a cold shoulder to years of sexual abuse allegations.

"They have done everything wrong. They've chosen to cover it up, hide it," David Gibbs III, attorney said.

Crossroads Community Church

Crossroads Community Church

Founded in the 1960s by Dr. Bill Gothard, IBLP followers include well-known names, like the Duggar family from the reality show "19 Kids and Counting."

The lawsuit says he's also known for something else.

"We are representing five women who were victimized at various times as children," Gibbs said.

Institute for Basic Life Principles

Institute for Basic Life Principles

Gibbs says for decades, Gothard sexually abused underage girls and the ministry's board looked the other way.

"The boards never involved law enforcement. They never involved authorities. They never stood up," Gibbs said.

In 2014, board officials say an internal investigation found "no criminal activity," but did find Gothard "acted in an inappropriate manner," suspending him from the ministry.

Dr. Bill Gothard

Dr. Bill Gothard

The lawsuit says the investigation was a sham.

"They never talked with any of the victims. Kind of hard to investigate when just go talk to Dr. Gothard," Gibbs said.

At Pastor York's house in Greenfield, his wife told FOX6 News her husband couldn't comment due to the lawsuit.

Following the board's investigation, Dr. Gothard resigned from the ministry he founded.

Duggar family

Duggar family

Gothard denies all of the accusations against him, and he has never been criminally charged.

Those who say they've been victimized by him believe others should have done more.

Ministry officials haven't released their internal investigation, so we don't know what "acting inappropriately" means.

This lawsuit names the ministry and its board, which includes Pastor York. Dr. Gothard is not named in the lawsuit. He is no longer with the church.


  • Jaye

    I grew up in this church (crossroads community church). When it got too weird, we moved to another church, Waukesha Bible, but found out that they also had an IBPL pastor. At 18 I left the church completely (and have been so grateful and happy and free ever since!!!) I’m glad that this organization is finally being investigated for its refusal to acknowledge the sexual abuse allegations.

  • David Fuller

    Hope he gets what he has coming to him , if true. However the “ties to Duggar family” is a stretch. Just because they happened to have been members of the SAME church? REALLY?!?!? Hitler was a Catholic, so…… (see where i’m going with this?) Just a way to attract clicks but at the same time bring negativity where it isnt due. SHAME!

    • Kris

      David Fuller.

      Hitler was one of hundreds of millions of Catholics. He wasn’t a cardinal at the Vatican. The church also didn’t pay Hitler to speak on its behalf. The Duggar speaks for these people, then acts like they were not important. They still send their kids to their entities.

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