“Whole bar went wild!” Gunfire erupts inside popular tavern after bartender tried escorting patron out

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MILWAUKEE -- Gunfire erupted at a popular tavern in Milwaukee on Tuesday night, November 3rd after an intoxicated patron refused to leave. A bartender took a bullet as others tackled the shooter to the ground.

Gunfire at Sheehan's

Gunfire at Sheehan's

One day later, Sheehan's regular Derek Feciskonin still can't believe what happened on Tuesday night.

"She just aimlessly started shooting. She seemed like she had been intoxicated or something," Feciskonin said.

According to Milwaukee police, at around 7:45, a 43-year-old woman was at the bar, and witnesses say she refused to leave.

"She wanted to play pool. She didn`t know what she was doing," Tina Pfannerstill said.

Gunfire at Sheehan's

Gunfire at Sheehan's

Patrons say Sheehan's co-owner, who was working the bar on Tuesday night, cut the woman off -- refusing to serve her alcohol. The bartender later tried escorting her from the premises. It appears the woman wasn't having it.

"She just started walking out the door. Pulled out a gun and shot," Pfannerstill said.

Witnesses say as many as four shots were fired.

"It was loud. BOOM. Deafening," Mick Krzyzanek said.

"Man, the whole bar was just going wild! Everyone was running to the doors. I said, `Shouldn`t someone call 911?'" Feciskonin said.

Feciskonin called police, as other patrons jumped in to help.

"Somebody tackled her to the ground. Somebody took the gun," Feciskonin said.

The tavern's co-owner/bartender, a 69-year-old man, suffered a gunshot wound and was treated at the scene.

Police say he declined further medical attention.

The woman was arrested on the spot -- a wild night at Sheehan's, that no one saw coming, came to an end.

Gunfire at Sheehan's

Gunfire at Sheehan's

"It`s people like her that are drunk and don`t know how to use a gun that you have to worry about the most," Pfannerstill said.

A witness FOX6 News spoke with says he didn't recognize the woman who fired the shots, and doesn't believe she is a regular at the tavern.

FOX6 reached out to employees and management at Sheehan's for comment, but they never got back to us.