“It’s really concerning:” Attempted carjackings blocks apart within minutes has folks on high alert

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SHOREWOOD -- Two attempted carjackings that happened blocks apart occurred within minutes of each other on Thursday, November 5th. The crimes have those living in Shorewood, and students on the UW-Milwaukee campus on high alert.



The two attempted carjackings both occurred shortly after 10:30 a.m. -- one in Shorewood and the other just blocks away near UWM's campus.

Some weren't surprised to learn of these crimes.

"It's really concerning," said Clayton Liebherr, who lives in Shorewood.

Clayton Liebherr

Clayton Liebherr

Police say a woman walking to her car just west of Oakland and Newton became the victim of an attempted carjacking Thursday morning.

"That really makes me a little bit uneasy," said Liebherr.

A man approached the woman from behind and demanded her keys.

Witnesses say the woman struggled with the suspect, who fled from the scene on foot southbound through an alley and into a black SUV. He got away with her key fob.

"Crime is increasing and it's kind of a growing concern for us people around here," said Liebherr.

Liebherr says he's not surprised by the recent crime. His car was recently broke into.

"Opened the door, and I just noticed everything was taken out of the console, out of every compartment in my car, like, thrown all over the place," said Liebherr.

"Unfortunately, it has become more common," said Courtney West, a UWM student.

So common, police say a similar attempted carjacking happened blocks away Thursday -- near UWM's campus.



Police say a suspect approached a 41-year-old man, implied he had a weapon, and ran away with several keys. The suspect took off in a black SUV that was waiting for him nearby.

"It's just unfortunate that even happened," said West.

They're crimes that have students and neighbors looking out and hoping things change so that they don't become the next victim.

"I'm not going to live in some sort of state of fear, but it's always in the back of my mind," said Liebherr.

The woman who had her key fob stolen describes the suspect as a male, black, 25-30 years of age, standing 6 feet tall, wearing blue jeans, and an orange hoodie with a green or gray jacket over the hoodie.

The suspect vehicle was described as a black SUV, unknown make or model, possibly with Illinois license plates. There two other occupants in the getaway vehicle were described as two black males.

Anyone with information about these cases is asked to call police.

Google Map for coordinates 43.085333 by -87.888599.


  • Granny Smith

    Time to start executing these felons after a jury and death sentence. Milwaukee has turned into a liberal failure. The family values have gone down and only thug family’s with baby momma and no daddy run the streets. Liberals, you can sleep in your bed now.

  • Yo adrian

    Why is it that someone can have 5 kids out of wedlock get over 50k a year living off the dole and then have them same children rob and maim citizens of their hard earned vehicles. Because they are taught in the public schools to have 5 kids by the time they graduate, which is about 4 or 5 years and graduate into entitlements.

    • Tony

      taught in public schools to have 5 kids by the time they graduate …??? Do you seriously believe the nonsense that you are saying?

  • grunt

    It looks like some folks in Shorewood are receiving real life lessons that there are some bad people in the world.

    • molon labe

      Oh man those white people up there are REAL EASY to scare. lolz They’re not cultured at all and stay within their race to feel comfortable.

  • orlando


  • molon labe

    Control through Fear. Sometimes you use fear to train a dog, even a child. The Elites are our parents. WE the PEOPLE are the kids. Raise your hand if you do not understand this dynamic. Yes it’s been happening for ages. Yes it’s F’kt up! Wake up and arm yourself while you can, tell the truth and don’t fall victim to the greedy scum bags that rule this earth. Stand up for the REAL America, LIFE, LIBERTY, Real TRUE American Patriots should continue to denounce the scripted Main Stream Media and continue to learn about our shadow gov’t.

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