Latest: Official says Fox Lake police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz tried to set up hit

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FOX LAKE, Ill. -- An official says an Illinois police officer who killed himself tried to arrange for a gang member "to put a hit" on a village administrator because he feared she would discover he had been embezzling money.

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Lake County Sheriff's Office spokesman Christopher Covelli also said Thursday, November 5th that investigators found packets of cocaine in Fox Lake Police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz's desk after his September 1st death.

Covelli says investigators recovered deleted text messages in which Gliniewicz mentioned the possibility of planting something on the administrator, Anne Marrin, although Covelli says they don't know if that's why Gliniewicz had the cocaine.

Covelli says Gliniewicz sent the text about arranging the hit to a woman last April, asking for help arranging a meeting with a high-ranking gang member. Covelli declined to provide the woman's name.

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Investigators announced on Wednesday they have ruled Gliniewicz's death a suicide -- just over two months after his death.

Investigators say he took his own life in an effort to cover up years of theft and money laundering from the Fox Lake Police Department's Explorers program -- a program he led.

Text messages that were deleted from Gliniewicz's phones were recovered by investigators, and show an audit being done by the village administrator had Gliniewicz nervous.

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In one message, he says: "The village administrator hates me and the explorer program. This situation right here would give her the means to CRUCIFY ME it it were discovered."

Task force investigators said during Wednesday's news conference two others were involved in criminal activity, though that inquiry is ongoing. Investigators did not identify those two people.

Melodie Gliniewicz

Melodie Gliniewicz

WGN is reporting those two people are Lt. Gliniewicz's wife, Melodie and his son, D.J. Sources tell WGN police are investigating whether Melodie and D.J Gliniewicz had any part in the embezzling scheme.

Sources tell WGN "Individual 1" and Individual 2" listed in the transcript of those text messages released by officials are Melodie Gliniewicz and D.J. Gliniewicz.

WGN is reporting investigators say Gliniewicz and his wife vacationed in Hawaii, where up to $9,000 from the Explorers program was spent.

CLICK HERE for photos from that vacation obtained by WGN.

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz's wife, Mel makes remarks at his vigil

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz's wife, Mel makes remarks at his vigil

Through an attorney, the Gliniewicz family released a statement Wednesday saying:

"Today has been another day of deep sorrow for the Gliniewicz family. The family has cooperated with the Task Force’s investigation and will not comment at this time.  The Gliniewicz family requests that their privacy be respected as they continue to cope with the loss of the beloved husband and father."

Melodie Gliniewicz spoke with Crime Watch Daily on FOX on October 2nd -- just over one month after her husband's death. She said at that time she does not believe her husband committed suicide.


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  • jim (a different jim)

    What a shame. Ready to kill a woman to cover up less than 100k in cash. (The presser yesterday noted the total value was 5 figures) if that’s what he thought a life is worth, I’m glad he offed himself.

  • Opinion8d

    I don’t understand how killing himself would cover up the mess?? Clearly people willing to take their own life aren’t thinking clearly, but it seems odd. Maybe someone else involved off’d him??? Sad story though.

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