Push for $15/hour: Fast food workers plan nationwide strike for Tuesday, November 10th

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MILWAUKEE — There is a revived push to boost the minimum wage and influence the 2016 elections.

Fast food workers are planning a nationwide strike this coming Tuesday, November 10th.

Workers from 270 cities are expected to walk out on their jobs — demanding a living wage of $15/hour and the right to unionize.

At the same time, thousands of protesters are expected to make their voices heard on Tuesday at the GOP Milwaukee debate — at the Milwaukee Theatre.

The group representing fast food workers has been successful in influencing cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles to establish a minimum $15 wage.


  • Me i said it

    And look what’s happening in those states. The employees go part time or lose their benefits from the government because they should be able to support themselves but still want the benefits.

  • Jagdpanther

    If you want $15/hour then go learn a trade that pays $15/hour. Truck driving and welding pay more than that and employers can’t find enough qualified candidates for either. But those positions require a brain and responsibility…

  • wyatt920

    I’m completely against minimum wage because it is an artificial price on labor. I do not want to abolish minimum wage because I hate the poor. I do not want to abolish minimum wage because I love rich people. I want to abolish minimum wage because I understand it does not create jobs, it destroys them.

    People are under this illogical illusion that we would all be poor if minimum wage didn’t exist. This is a silly assumption for the following 2 reasons:
    1. If people do not have money to spend in your economy, they do not have money to spend on products. Therefore it would be difficult for the greedy rich, to be greedy and rich.
    2. Under that assumption, we’d all be making minimum wage NOW. But we do not. Only 1.3 million of the 77.2 million HOURLY workers work at the federal minimum wage (1.7 work below that, including wages heavily based on tips). This means 3 million of the 77.2 million hourly workers, make at or below the minimum wage. This accounts for only 3.9% of the hourly workers. (There are roughly 130 million people working wage AND salaried positions.)

    So there is a significantly small minority of people making at or below minimum wage. If getting rid of the minimum wage meant we’d all make next to nothing.. why aren’t we all making near the federal minimum wage floor?

  • Opinion8d

    Successful in influencing their cities to raise minimum wage? let me see – NYC, LA, and SanFran. The cost of living in each of those cities is far higher than the average American city. You’d be lucky to find anyone making the old minimum wage there.

  • Mike

    The uneducated, doing jobs designed for high school and college kids, demanding such a large raise that will cost them their jobs and some locations to shut down. Yes, clearly they deserve more money.

  • Reasonless

    Strike away fools!
    This will have a positive impact on the health of America.
    No one will be able to afford to eat grease burgers, and thus their arteries won’t be filling up with sludge.
    So by raising the cost of fast food, medical costs will go down.
    I love it!
    Thank you to all of you under educated fools that think that you’re worth more than you actually are.

  • Sam

    Each time this comes up, someone asks if Wisconsin Jobs Now leaders Jennifer Epps – Addison and Gina Pallazarri pay their protesters at least $15/hour to march. We never get a straight answer.

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