“That little man is special to me:” Boy critically hurt in house fire is a hero to his family

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MILWAUKEE -- A two-year-old girl is dead, but family members say the situation could have been much worse if not for the actions of her 10-year-old cousin. Kevin Little Junior is not expected to survive much longer. But on Friday, November 6th, his parents say he'll leave a legacy among the lives he saved as he sacrificed his own.

Kevin Little Junior

Kevin Little Junior

While a Milwaukee man has been charged in the fatal arson fire, Kevin Little Junior's parents say they are happy to have the focus on their hero -- their son.

"That little man is special to me. He made me who I am today," said Kevin Little Senior, Kevin Little Junior's father.

"To pretty much give your life like that, that's amazing," said Areial Rice, Kevin Little Junior's mother.

Friday, Areial Rice and Kevin Little Senior, allowed FOX6 News exclusive access into the hospice care facility where their son is receiving care.

"Right now, they're just keeping him comfortable. You know, he's not going to make it," said Areial.

10-year-old Kevin Little Junior is believed to have less than two weeks of life left in his little body after giving everything he had in his effort to save other lives from a house fire near 36th and Silver Spring on October 20th.

Fire at 36th and Silver Spring Drive

Fire at 36th and Silver Spring Drive

"My mom said that he woke her up and he told her, he said, 'Granny, the house is on fire,'" said Areial.

Little's grandmother then gathered his four younger siblings, and the five of them escaped the home. But Kevin went back for his cousin, Tae'najah Morgan.

Tae'najah Morgan

Tae'najah Morgan

Morgan wouldn't make it out alive. But when they were discovered, Kevin is believed to have been draped over her -- his body serving as a shield.

"To be holding her, in that position, like, I felt like he was trying to protect her from that fire," said Areial.

"It was hard to believe but, you know, you gotta believe my baby is strong. My baby was the man before his time," said Kevin Little Senior.

Kevin Little Junior

Kevin Little Junior

But his parents agree, this was Kevin's time to shine for his siblings and his grandmother.

"We could have lost seven of our loved ones. It could have been worse than what it was. And so I try to look at everything from a positive perspective now -- we're blessed," said Areial.

FOX6 News Reporter Justin Williams was given the chance to see Kevin inside his room. He said Kevin looked peaceful with a stuffed animal by his side and an action figure in his hand. Williams said Kevin looked as though he could wake up at any minute, which is what makes his parents say they hope happens somehow.


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  • Kenata

    We all are so proud of you Kevin, giving your life for your family makes you a real HERO! God has called for you to his special palace, why we here on earth will assume because your one of his special angels and you’ve lived out your purpose…..until we meet again my love!

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