Cast your vote: Help Germantown H.S. win $100,000 as students promote safe driving

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GERMANTOWN -- Students at a local high school have teamed up to promote safe driving for teens -- and their efforts could win their school a $100,000 prize.

drive2Brian Feilbach helped create the 30-second video spot. Germantown students shot, edited and starred in it as part of a State Farm contest meant to promote teen driver safety.

"It promotes safe driving and why safe driving is important. The big message is for your friends for your family and for yourself," said Officer Toni Olson with the Germantown Police Department.

drive4The video helped launch the school into the top 100 in the nationwide contest. But to win a $100,000 grant, they need your help. The winners will be chosen by popular vote.

"You can vote every day with every valid email address that you have," said Olson.

The voting window opens on Monday, November 9th -- and runs through Friday, November 13th. Anyone 14 or older can take part.

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"It's very, very exciting. We're definitely proud of what we've done and we really want to see the community step forward and vote and hopefully we'll get the grant," said Feilbach.

Celebrate My DriveStudent leaders are going all out to fire up school participation.

"The student council members are going to wear these shirts so people are noticing that they got to remember to do it everyday," said Jake Coulthurst, head of the Celebrate My Drive committee.

They will also be having an ice cream social to drum up support. They're hoping all the attention paid to the contest helps teens absorb its central message about safe driving.

"I think the kids see the t-shirts and they see the posters they see the lunchroom activities and it gets their curiosity going," said Olson.